Character Cast of Yeni İstanbul (New Istanbul): Turkish Series

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Who are the players of Yeni İstanbul (New Istanbul)? What about their characters? What is the plot story? Which channel and when will the series be released? 

A new series was prepared to be broadcast on Show TV screens. Who is in the cast of the new series, which will be broadcast under the name of Yeni İstanbul, what is the story of Yeni İstanbul series, we will share with you the information of Yeni İstanbul series channel.

Yeni İstanbul Players

Yeni İstanbul series, produced by O3 Medya and directed by Çiğdem Bozali, is an adaptation series. Ayça Üzüm and Cansu Çoban are penning Yeni İstanbul series, which was adapted to Turkish Series  from the New Amsterdam series. Yeni İstanbul series scheduled to start in summer season 2022.

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There will be an idealistic chief physician in Yeni İstanbul series, so the search for an actor for the series, which will proceed through the male lead, continues, and negotiations with the popular names of the last period continue for the male lead actor. We will inform you on this page when the negotiations for the male lead and female lead in the series are completed.

Yeni İstanbul Plot Story

Yeni İstanbul series, which will be screened on Show TV, will tell the story of an idealistic doctor assigned to a hospital. Chief Physician Barış Güvener and the events around him will bring an impressive story to the audience. In our country, hospital and doctor serials are watched fondly. The Doctors, Mucize Doktor, Kasaba Doktoru, Hekimoğlu TV series are some examples of these. For this reason, it is very normal for him to turn to production companies for hospital and doctor series.

Yeni İstanbul Channel Television

Yeni İstanbul series, which will be broadcast on Show TV screens, where the Doctors series was also broadcast before, could not produce very good projects in the season. That's why he wants to increase the ratings of the channel by agreeing with ambitious projects. Yeni İstanbul series will be one of these projects. We think that if the cast of the new Istanbul, which is an adapted The Doctor's drama, is chosen carefully, it will get good ratings in the ratings. 

Character Cast of Yeni İstanbul

Tansel Öngel

Tansel Öngel was born in 1976 in Kilis. Tansel Öngel will also be among Yeni İstanbul Actors. Tansel Öngel will appear as a chief physician in the series

Chief Physician Barış Güvener (Ulaş Tuna Astepe)

Barış Güvener is an idealist doctor. Barış Güvener, the chief physician of the hospital, has only one goal in life - to save more lives. The first thing Doctor Barış encounters as he is assigned to an old hospital is impossibility. Doctor Barış is a stubborn doctor and decides to rebuild his hospital by convincing the bureaucracy.

Head of Oncology Department Suzan (Hazar Ergüçlü)

Hazar Ergüçlü became the leading actress of the new Istanbul TV series. Hazar Ergüçlü will play the role of Suzan, the head of the oncology department, in the TV series New Istanbul. Hazar Ergüçlü was born in 1992 in Cyprus. He starred in the TV series Kuzey Güney, Analar ve Anneler, Medcezir, Yüksek Sosyete, Hakan Muhafız, Alev Alev, and Gizli Saklı. 

Ali Heydar Orucov (Şerif Erol)

Ali Haydar Oruçov is a doctor from Azerbaijan, he is a successful neurologist.

Suzan (Hazar Ergüçlü)

Suzan is the head of the oncology department. In Yeni İstanbul series, Suzan is a successful and smart doctor.

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