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EL TURCO Synopsis And Cast: Disney Plus Turkish Series

What the synopsis of Disney plus series "El Turco"? Who are in the cast? How much Can Yaman will receive money per episode from this series?

There is news about the actor Can Yaman, who continued his career in Italy after the series 'Mr. Aras will receive 700 thousand TL per section. The fee for the actor who will take part in the series 'El Turco', which will be broadcast on the digital platform, has been determined.

While the echoes of the 700 thousand TL that Aras Bulut İynemli would receive per episode from the Atatürk series continued, the price of Can Yaman was also on the agenda.

1.500.000 TL (83.500 USD) Per Episode

According to the news of the 2nd Page; Can Yaman will receive 1.5 million TL per episode from the series "El Turco", which will be broadcast on the international digital platform.

synopsis cast el turco

Disney Plus' new series El Turco will begin filming in Hungary in September. El Turco Players have also been announced. Can Yaman will be accompanied by the Italian model and actress named Greta Ferro in the cast of El Turco. The release date of the Greta Ferro series, which will feature many Italian games, is planned for the beginning of 2023.

Disney Plus, the world's second largest digital platform after Netflix, has more than 3 million users in Turkey. Although the El Turco series will be shot in English, its Turkish translation will also be broadcast on Disney Plus Turkey.

Synopsis of EL TURCO 

Can Yaman will portray the Ottoman raider "El Turco" in the project, in which a half-fiction, half-truth story is told. Serial, II. It is about settling in Moena village in Italy after the Siege of Vienna and liberating the village from the feudal lords.

El Turco will tell the story of Hasan Balaban, a Turkish youth who settled in the Italian village of Moena after the 2nd Siege of Vienna, to liberate the village from the feudal lords. In the El Turcu series, Hasan will fall in love with Gloria, one of the most beautiful girls in the village.

Cast of EL TURCO

Can Yaman

Can Yaman, one of Turkey's most loved and well-known actors in the world, was born on November 8, 1989 in Istanbul. The 33-year-old handsome actor graduated from Yeditepe University Faculty of Law. Can Yaman, who became known in acting with the series Gönül İşleri, later took the lead role in the TV series İnadına Aşk, Hangimiz Sevmedik, Dolunay and Erkenci Kuş. Can Yaman, who is 1.83 cm tall and weighs 75 kg, recently had a love affair with announcer Diletta Leotta.

Greta Ferro

Greta Ferro, who was born on September 19, 1995, is within 27 years of age. Greta Ferro, who completed her economics education at Bocconi University in Milan, took the leading role in the Chiara Lubich - L'amore vince tutto series, which was last broadcast in Italy in 2021. Greta Ferro is 1.75 m tall and weighs 56 kg.

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