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Episode 6 Mükemmel Eşleşme (Perfect Match): Trailer And Summary

In the end episode; Over time, Ece becomes obsessed with Kerem, and Ece turns into a desperate lover. The new 6th episode of Mükemmel Eşleşme (Perfect Match) series, which will be watched with great admiration on TRT 1 screens, will be aired on August 20th.

The television series project called Mükemmel Eşleşme, which started broadcasting a short time ago, attracted attention with the famous names in the cast and its scenario. The successful series, which started broadcasting on TRT 1 screens, managed to leave its mark on Saturday evenings and made a name for itself with its success. The production, which continues its preparations to meet with the audience on Saturday, August 20, with its 6th episode, is expected by the fans of the series with curiosity and excitement. 

New Player Included in Mükemmel Eşleşme Series

It was learned that Ebru Şam was included in the series, which was appreciated by the audience as of the first episode, and it was announced that the actress would give life to the character named Ece. So who is Ebru Şam, Mükemmel Eşleşme Who is Ece, what is her real name? 

In the new episode, while the love between Pınar and Kerem is in danger, the developments that will be experienced with the return of Ece, who was given life by Ebru Şam, to Turkey became a matter of curiosity. The couple, who met as a result of their mother's request and decided to get married, soon started a love affair between them. While the series is about Kerem and Pınar establishing a happy family, Ece's participation in the new episode will upset the balance.

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Ece, Kerem's ex-lover who left him, will return to Turkey

The character named Ece, who left Kerem and settled in England a long time ago, will return to Turkey and will try to confuse Kerem. Ece, who has never forgotten Kerem, will have great regret for leaving him. The regret she experienced caused Kerem to become a big problem, and Ece became a reckless lover. The young woman, whose only wish is to win Kerem back, will try to get involved in the life of her ex-lover with a dangerous and very big plan.

In the end episode of the series, a mysterious man will come to the neighborhood and will start to follow the family by spying on Cevat and Firuze's house. The purpose of the mysterious man, who does not see eye to eye and does not talk to anyone, will be wondered. Mükemmel Eşleşme series, which tells the stories of warm people and a huge crowded family, will meet with the audience on Saturday, August 20 with its 6th new episode.

Where Is Mükemmel Eşleşme Filmed?

The shootings of the TV series Mükemmel Eşleşme, which is known to have taken place in Istanbul, became a matter of curiosity and the audience made researches on the subject. The TV series project, which includes successful actors and attracts attention with its story, is shooting in Kocaeli as well as Istanbul. The characters of Pınar and Kerem, who strongly oppose arranged marriage, fell in love at first sight and they decided to marry as their mother wanted them.

What happen in the end episode?

Kerem's ex-girlfriend, Ece, who left him a long time ago and settled in England, returns to Turkey. Ece could never forget Kerem and even regretted leaving him. Over time, this situation caused Ece to become obsessed with Kerem, and Ece turned into a reckless lover. Ece has only one problem right now. Reuniting with Kerem. Ece has made a very big and dangerous plan to re-enter Kerem's life. On the other hand, a mysterious man comes to the neighborhood and starts to spy on Firuze and Cevat's house and follow the family. The mystery man doesn't talk to anyone and doesn't make eye contact with anyone. The man's purpose is questionable.

Mükemmel Eşleşme Episode 6 Trailer

Mükemmel Eşleşme Episode 6 Summary

Pınar and Kerem are unaware of the engagement of the two families. While Fadime and Firuze are thinking about how to tell Pınar about this situation, they receive the news that Season has disappeared. Season's disappearance causes a great panic in the family. While everyone is mobilizing to find Season, Season is found and brought home by Kerem's ex-girlfriend, Ece. Ece has returned from abroad for Kerem. She has set her mind to separate Kerem and Pınar. 

All this is part of Ece's grand plan. While Kerem and Pınar inform their families that they have set a date for the engagement, they learn that the two families are fighting and the engagement is broken. It is a question of what they will do in the face of this situation. Fadime continues to meet with the mysterious man. Fadime's secret affairs attract Ahmet's attention. Ahmet goes after Fadime to find out about this issue. Who is this man who entered Fadime's life?

The 6th episode of Mükemmel Eşleşme series, which will be watched with great admiration on TRT 1 screens, will be with you on August 20th. Read Also All Episode of Mükemmel Eşleşm (Perfect Match)

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