Episode 9 Duy Beni (Hear to Me): Trailer And Summary

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The new 9th episode trailer of Duy Beni (Hear to Me) has been released. In the end episode; While Leyla thinks that Ekim is the cause of this incident and blames her, Ekim believes that Kanat is innocent. What will happen in the episode on September 1st? 

Duy Beni 8th new episode 2nd trailer has been released. The events in Duy Beni, which continues from where it left off with its impressive production, gripping story and rich cast, fell on the agenda like a bomb. With its scenes full of love, drama and excitement, Duy Beni, which is also talked about on social media, will lock the audience on the screen with its scenes full of tension. Here is the new 9th episode trailer and summary of the series...

The new 9th episode trailer of Duy Beni series has already received great appreciation from the audience. The events in the 9th episode of Duy Beni, which manages to attract attention in every new promotional trailer, do not stop. The end trailer of the series, which conquered the hearts of TV series lovers with both its cast and its scenes full of surprises, is in our news.

episode 9 duy beni
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Duy Beni Plot Story

Ekim is a teenage high school girl living in a middle-class neighborhood. One morning, on his way to school, his life is shaken by a tragic event. In front of Ekim, her best friend Leyla is hit by a car and runs away. The car that hits him disappears, hiding inside a private school for rich kids near the neighborhood.

This accusation cannot be proven, and the school administration decides to give scholarships to three young people from the neighborhood where the accident took place in order to reduce the effects of this unpleasant accident and to be somewhat beneficial.

Among the scholarship winners is Ekim. However, his aim is to find the traces of those who did this evil to his childhood friend Leyla. He is sure that it was a student from this school who bumped into Leyla. With Ekim, Bekir and Ayşe also passed the exam. On the first day of school, they treat them as if they came from outer space. Then they meet a phenomenon that will change their lives from that day on. It's Tyranny!

The students of this rich school have established their own order in a system they call tradition, sometimes to have fun and sometimes to have exciting moments. No one intervened because they were not harmed. Until that day a new teacher is appointed to the school. Selim Bender! He is an idealistic person who always stands by the truth in both his personal and professional life and has tried to guide his students to goodness. He realizes that the students at this school are keeping a secret.

What happen in the end episode?

Kanat's arrest has taken many people by surprise at the Real College. While Leyla thinks that Ekim is the cause of this incident and blames her, Ekim believes that Kanat is innocent. The police refer to the statement of another one from the real college. Leyla is shaken by the fact that the person she has been messaging until now is not Kanat. After collecting herself and confronting Aziz, she takes a new decision. Now she has a new goal.

After Kanat is taken away by the police, the students are divided into two. The bullying of Ekim, Bekir and Ayşe increases. But this time, Bekir will not remain silent either. Selim and Bahar decide who is responsible for what happened at the real college and make a plan. They will stop this order. They take action to complete the work that Ziya left unfinished. For this, they need the help of several students.

Duy Beni (Hear to Me) Episode 9 Trailer 

Duy Beni (Hear to Me) Episode 9 Summary

Ekim is at an important crossroads. She has two options to get out of the difficult situation she is in. Either she will sacrifice herself and save her friend, or she will watch her friend's life be ruined. She makes a decision. Leyla is now officially fighting against her best friend among the bullies. Ekim wants to take one last day for herself before admitting defeat and retreating. But with Melisa's unexpected move, her happiness is left unfinished.

While Selim and Bahar continue to work for the inspector who comes to the school to stop the bullying, Fikret does his best to prevent them. When Selim and Bahar seek help from Ekim, they encounter an unexpected attitude. Selçuk learns a very important detail about Leyla's accident. This detail will lead him to important information about the day of the accident. Fikret, on the other hand, does his best to foil his plan. Kanat tries to understand the reason for the change in Ekim, but fails. In the end, Hazal helps him. When Kanat finds out about the incident, he makes a plan not to lose Ekim. While the relationship between the two has improved, a big surprise awaits them at school.

With its extraordinary story, the Duy Beni series, which is expected to mark the end of summer, 9th episode will be released on Thursday, September 1, 2022. Read Also All Episode of Duy Beni (Hear to Me)

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