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Kusursuz Kiracı (The Perfect Tenant) Release Date Has Been Announced!

The trailer promotion of Kusursuz Kiracı (The Perfect Tenant) has been released! When will the series be started? What is the story? Watch the alternative trailer promotion of Kusursuz Kiracı here ....

Kusursuz Kiracı, which is preparing to be broadcast on Fox TV, attracted a lot of attention with its cast. There are quite successful names in the series, which will meet with the audience in the summer season. The synopsis of Kusursuz Kiracı series was very curious. Here are all the details about the new series of Kusursuz Kiracı...

As we approached the end of the summer season, new series that will start in the new season started to show themselves one by one. Another new series that will meet with the audience on the Fox TV screen was Kusursuz Kiracı. The casts of Kusursuz Kiracı series also attracted a lot of attention.

Yusuf Pirhasan sits in the director's chair of the TV series called Kusursuz Kiracı, signed by MF Production. The series, whose screenwriter is learned to be Nermin Yıldırım, will enter the market in the drama genre.

kusursuz kiraci release date
Image Via @MF Yapim

Kusursuz Kiracı Plot Story

Kusursuz Kiracı is about family relationships in an apartment. In the series, which tells about the unbelievable events that happened in an apartment in an apartment, there is also the subject of a murder.

Kusursuz Kiracı Release Date

The start date of the series has not been announced clearly. However, it is predicted that it will start in August, 30, 2022.

Kusursuz Kiracı Filming Location

Kusursuz Kiracı series is filmed in Istanbul. Read Also All Episode of Kusursuz Kiracı (The Perfect Tenant)

Kusursuz Kiracı Trailer Promotion

Kusursuz Kiracı Casts

Dilan Çiçek Deniz as Mona Ünkap

Dilan Çiçek Deniz plays the leading role in the new series. The famous actress, who performed in the latest Alev Alev series, plays the character of Mona Ünkap in this series.

Serkay Tütüncü as Yakup Ortaç

Serkay Tütüncü, who started acting after being a finalist in Survivor and achieved great success, is in the lead role of the series. Tütüncü plays the character of Yakup Ortaç in the series.

Bennu Yıldırımlar as Madame Vula

Bennu Yıldırımlar, who has performed successfully in TV series such as Yaprak Dökümü and Desperate Housewives, is another name in the lead role. Bennu Yıldırımlar plays the character of Madame Vula.

Ruhi Sarı

The successful actor Ruhi Sarı, who played in the latest digital production Club, is also in the cast of the new series.

Melisa Döngel

Young actress Melisa Döngel will now appear in Perfect Tenant after her latest role in the series Aşk Mantik İntikam.

Rüçhan Çalışkur

Rüçhan Çalışkur, the beloved face of the screens, is also in the cast of the series.

Deniz Cengiz as Suzi Dinç

Deniz Cengiz, who stepped into acting with the movie Görümce, made a name for himself with the Jet Society series, and recently appeared in the TV series One of Us, is also in the new series. Deniz Cengiz plays the character of Suzi Dinç in the series.

Umut Kurt

Umut Kurt, the successful actor in the latest Establishment Osman series, is also in Kusursuz Kiracı team.

Özlem Tokaslan

Özlem Tokaslan, who is mostly in front of the camera with comedy productions, is also in the cast of the new series.

İncinur Taşdemir

İncinur Taşdemir, who played in the TV series Dogdugun ev Kaderindir, is now performing an acting performance in the TV series Kusursuz Kiracı.

Nilsu Yılmaz as Pelin Polat

Nilsu Yılmaz, who played in TV series such as Payitaht Abdulhamid and Red Room, now plays a role in the series Perfect Tenant. In the series, she performs with the character of Pelin Polat.

Beyti Engin

Another name in the cast of Kusursuz Kiracı series is Beyti Engin.

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