This is the Latest Portrait of Özge Yağız And Gökberk Demirci

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Özge Yağız-Gökberk Demirci couple told how they got together!

Özge Yağız-Gökberk Demirci couple, who were displayed at an event last night, answered the questions of the press members.

ozge yagiz gokberk demirci
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Gökberk Demirci explained how they reconciled with the couple, who broke up in the past months and then reconciled and continued their love from where they left off; “I was wandering around Özge's districts, what kind of place she lives in or something… I'm looking at the floor with the phone in my hand and we suddenly met." The two of us stayed like that when we saw each other. There was a reconciliation that started with "Hello, let's have coffee".

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