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Watch The Trailer of O Kız (That Girl)! And Where Is Filming Location?

Where is O Kız (That Girl) series filmed? Fans was wondering where O Kız (That Girl) was filming!

The first promo of KANAL D's new series O Kız (That Girl) has been released. The shooting location of O Kız (That Girl) series, which is among the summer series, is being wondered. Where is O Kız (That Girl) series filmed? The answer to your question.

o kiz synopsis
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Produced by Content House, directed by Özlem Günhan and written by Sırma Yanık, the TV series "O Kız (That Girl)" is getting ready to meet the audience of KANAL D soon. But where is O Kız (That Girl) series filmed?

O Kız (That Girl) Trailer Promotion

Erkan Petekkaya, who will come to the screen with a reverse character, will give life to the character of 'Kadir' in This series. Despite being 45 years old, Kadir's life, which he perceives with the purity of a five-year-old child, will embrace everyone in his life, no matter how cruel it is.

While Sezin Akbaşoğulları will give life to the character of Sitare. Sitare is a beautiful and fierce business woman in her late 30s. She is a stunning woman not only with her beauty and sex-appeal, but also with her cool stance, charisma and success. While she was the boss of the advertising agency yesterday, she foresaw that the future was in social media and became the owner of the most rooted social media agency in the industry.

O Kız (That Girl) Filming Location

O Kız (That Girl) series is filmed in Istanbul. Colorful images occurred in the TV series, which was shot in Istanbul's places such as Beşiktaş and Galata. Read Also All Episode of O Kız (That Girl)

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