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Yargı (The Judgment) Season 2 Trailer Has Been Released!

Yargı (The Judgment) Season 2 Trailer Has Been Released! When does the new season start? Watch the alternative trailer of Yargi, here ...

The history of the second season of Yargı (The Judgment), which was watched with interest on Kanal D screens, was a matter of curiosity. Yargı took a short break from the screens with the season finale. Well, when does Yargı begin, has the new season date been determined? Here is the information about the second season of Yargı series...

Yargı Series was one of the productions that left its mark on the past season. The history of the new season, which arouses the curiosity of the audience with the season finale, continues to be investigated. So, when is the new season of Yargı, which started shooting recently? Here is the information about Yargı Season 2...

In the season finale of the series; Ceylin tells Ilgaz and Pars that she learned that Serdar killed her father. Ceylin, who sneaks into Yekta's office, reaches a document that will burn her. With the help of Laçin, Yekta is detained for aiding and abetting money laundering. It is understood that Çınar is innocent and released. Ilgaz and Ceylin remarry with a magnificent wedding. It is understood that Ilgaz was killed in the murder committed six months later. Is Ilgaz's murderer Ceylin? When will the new episode of the second season of Yargı series be released?

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Yargı (The Judgment) Season 2 Release Date

In the final episode where a six-month time jump took place in Yargı, after Ceylin came home covered in blood and with a bloody knife, Eren angrily knocked on Ceylin's door. Eren says he arrested Ceylin, puts him in the car with the handcuffs and takes him to the police station. Meanwhile, the audience cannot understand what Ceylin is doing.

The producer of Yargı series, Ay Yapım, stated that they were preparing to go to the set on Saturday, August 20, 2022 for the promotional shoots of the new season. Yargı season 2 will begin on September 18, 2022.

Yargı (The Judgment) Episode 34 Summary

Is Ilgaz Killer Ceylin? Ceylin goes to Pars and Eren with Ilgaz to tell the truth she learned from Cüneyt. He tells them that Serdar killed his father, there may be images and correspondence on his phone to prove it. Ceylin enters Yekta's office with Cüneyt and tries to find Serdar's phone. Yekta thinks that there may be important things on her phone and hides the phone in her secret safe beforehand.

Ceylin cannot find the phone in Yekta's office. However, he reaches the documents that will finish Yekta. He hurriedly takes a page and shows it to Pars and Ilgaz. It is understood that Yekta is aiding and abetting money laundering through a company. However, as they need more documents to arrest him, Ceylin makes a plan.

He asks Osman to get snow water in Yekta's ear. Yekta panics when she thinks that Ceylin understands that she is helping money laundering, and immediately buys five document shredders to destroy the documents in her office. Laçin helps them to arrest Yekta. She says she doesn't want to go to her husband and leave him and faints from the pretense.

Until Yekta calls for help, Laçin takes a file on the table and throws it in his bag. Thanks to that file, it is proven that Yekta helped money laundering. Yekta's office is raided and all documents are seized. Serdar's phone in the secret safe is also taken.

Seven is taken into custody. Serdar realizes that he is wanted and tries to escape. But the videos on his phone and his correspondence with Yekta prove that he killed Zafer. It is understood that Çınar is innocent and is released in the first court. Ilgaz goes on vacation alone. Ceylin learns that he is on vacation and goes after her.

The couple decides to get married again after their vacation. Ceylin and Ilgaz get married with a magnificent wedding. Ceylin, who was taken into custody six months later, confesses that she killed Ilgaz. Eren asks him how he killed Ilgaz. Did Ceylin really kill Ilgaz? Or is he taking the blame to protect someone? Read Also All Episode of Yargı (Judgment)

Yargı (Judgment) Season 2 Trailer

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