Bir Peri Masalı (A Fairy Tale) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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What is the synopsis of Bir Peri Masalı (A Fairy Tale)? Who are in the cast? What about their character? Where is filming location? Which channel and when will the series be aired? 

What is the story of the series Bir Peri Masalı starring Alina Boz and Tarık Emir Tekin? Who are the actors actresses of Bir Peri Masalı, one of the remarkable productions of the new season, and where are it filmed?


First trailer promotion of Bir Peri Masalı series bringing Alina Boz and Tarık Emir Tekin together! Fox TV's new series, produced by Medyapim; Bir Peri Masalı begins broadcasting. Nazan Kesal and Hazal Filiz also take part in the series starring Alina Boz and Tarık Emir Tekin. 

The cast of Bir Peri Masalı, which will appear on Fox TV on Wednesday, September 21, has been announced. Bir Peri Masalı stars will be Alina Boz and Nazan Kesal. Merve Girgin will be the director of the series, while its screenwriter will be Deniz Akçay.

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Synopsis of Bir Peri Masalı (A Fairy Tale)

The first presentation of the series, which is about the change in the life of Zeynep (Alina Boz) is a beautiful girl who cannot read because of financial difficulties, then choose to be a babysitter. Zeynep's father is an alcoholic man who is addicted to horse racing. Zeynep, who found a lot of money on her birthday, will give a big test in her rich life. Bir Peri Masalı series, which arouses great curiosity with both its subject and successful cast, is eagerly awaited by the audience.

All Episode of Bir Peri Masalı (A Fairy Tale)

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Bir Peri Masalı Release Date

Bir Peri Masalı; A whole new page will be opened in the life of babysitter Zeynep, with the large amount of money she accidentally gets. The release date of the series has not yet been determined. However, the series is expected to air on Wednesdays and begin on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. Read Also Character Cast of Bir Peri Masali

Bir Peri Masalı 1st Trailer Promotion

Cast of Bir Peri Masalı

Alina Boz as Zeynep

Alina Boz, the screen face of Disney Plus, will appear in front of the audience after the Maraşlı series as a Fairy Tale actress. Alina Boz was born in Moscow in 1998 and is 24 years old. Alina, who started her acting career with the Brave Nurse TV series, became famous with the Boz Shattered TV series. Alina Boz, who also appeared in digital series such as Aşk 101 and Aşk 102, is 1.73 meters tall and 50 kilograms. Alina Boz is the girlfriend of Mithat Can Özer.

Tarik Emir Tekin as Onur Koksal

Tarık Emir Tekin, born in 1997 in Istanbul, is 25 years old. Tarık Emir Tekin, the only son of Metin Tekin and Şevval Sam, studied drama in Oxford. Tarık Emir Tekin, who is in love with Defne Anisoğlu, has previously appeared in the Naked series of Blue TV.

Nazan Kesal as Şahika Koksal

Nazan Kesal, who was born on March 28, 1969 in Manisa, is within the age of 53. Nazan Kesal, who is also the wife of actress Ercan Kesal, is a graduate of Dokuz Eylül University acting department. Once Upon a Time, Çukurova, Child, Halka and Fazilet Hanım and Daughters are the masterful series of Nazan Kesal. She has made a difference in each of her series. Nazan Kesal is 1.62 tall and weighs 60 kilograms.

Tulin Ece as Umit

Tülin Ece was born on May 26, 1991 and is 31 years old. Tülin Ece graduated from Beykent University, Department of Acting. Tülin Ece, who weighs 48 kg and is 162 cm tall, has previously appeared in TV series such as Yılanların Öcü, Yaz’ın Öyküsü and Bodrum Masalı.

Hazal Filiz Kucukkose as Neslihan Koksal

Hazal Filiz Küçükköse was born on February 9, 1988 in Mersin and she is 34 years old. With a height of 172 cm and a weight of 54 kg, Hazal Filiz Küçükköse attracted attention with her series Forgive Me. Hazal Filiz Küçükköse, who graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Kırıkkale University, is in love with the business manager Alp Güler. Kara Sevda and Zemheri 

Baran Bölükbaşı as Yiğit

Baran Bölükbaşı was born on May 1, 1994 in Istanbul and is 28 years old. Baran Bölükbaşı completed his acting education at Beykent University. Baran Bölükbaşı, who first appeared in the films Student House and Dawn Vakti, has recently appeared in TV series such as Adı Efsane, Sevdanın Bahçesi and Servet. Baran Bolukbasi is 1.75 cm tall and weighs 71 kilos. He is married to actress Özgü Kaya.

Kadir Cermik as Samet

Kadir Çermik, Emmi of the Çukur series, will be among the actors of A Fairy Tale. Kadir Cermil, who was born on July 21, 1977 in Van, is 45 years old. Kadir Çermik, a graduate of the theater department, will appear in the cast of Bir Fairy Tale as Samet. Kadir Çermik has previously appeared in the TV series Üç Kuruş and Bana Sevmiyi Anlat.

Müfit Kayacan as Hamit Köksal

Müfit Kayacan, born in 1959 in Antalya, is 63 years old. Müfit Kayacan, a graduate of Çukurova University's Department of Industrial Engineering, has appeared in TV series such as Cesur ve Güzel, Alef, Zemheri, Aşk 101 and Aşk Ağlatır. Müfit Kayacan will be the father of Taro Emir Tekin, one of the actors of A Fairy Tale.

Mustafa Mert Koç as Zafer

Mustafa Mert Koç was born in Ankara in 1994 and is within the age of 28. Mustafa Mert Koç, who is both an actor and a singer, studied politics at Atılım University. Mustafa Mert Koç, who recently starred in the TV series Yeter and Hayat Bazen Tatlıdır weighs 83 kilograms and is 1.83 meters tall.

Canan Atalay as Filiz

Canan Atalay was born in 1990 and is 32 years old. Canan Atalay graduated from Haliç University Conservatory Theater Department. Canan Atalay, who started her acting career with the Maral series, has recently been successfully featured in the TV series Maria ile Mustafa and Üç Kuruş.

Okan Urun as Marih

Okan Urun was born in Istanbul in 1983 and is within the age of 39. Okan Urun, who received undergraduate and graduate education in acting in Paris, had his first screen experience by taking part in the movie Bartu Ben.

Ali Aksoz as Fuat Gurman

Ali Aksöz was born in Bitlis in 1978. Ali Aksöz, who is known for taking part in the Medcezir series and the Mountain movie, had a big break with the character of Yaman's brother Kenan, especially in the Medcezir series. 

Merve Oflaz

Lastly, Merve Oflaz born on May 23, 1988 in Istanbul. Merve Oflaz, who succeeded in becoming the Survivor 2012 Turkey champion, will be both a Fairy Tale actress in 2022 and will be in the cast of the Disney Plus series Numen. Merve Oflaz, who proved her acting skills with the character of Ayşe Hatun, which she gave life to in the Magnificent Century series, has previously appeared as an actress in the Notepad and Güzel Köylü series. Merve Oflaz is 1.68 m tall and weighs 53 kg. Merve Oflaz's girlfriend is Allan Hakko.

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