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Deniz Baysal Received The Best Actress Award 2022 In Izmir

Awards found their owners at the International Izmir Film Festival. Organized by Astem with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the contributions of the Konak Municipality, the 4th International Izmir Festival, Turkey's first and only mainstream vision films festival, ended with the award ceremony held in the Agora Ancient City.

The award night of the festival, which continues to be the first and only film festival voted by the public, was marked by the films Kağıttan Hayatlar (Paper Lives) and Dayı (Uncle). Kağıttan Hayatlar in the digital film category and Dayı in the vision film category received most of the awards.

Deniz Baysal, who received the Best Actress award in the TV Series category for her role in Teşkilat TV series, said, "I am from İzmir and this is my first award from İzmir, so it is very valuable."

deniz baysal award 2022
Image Via @Dizicommunity

Duygu Sarışık, who won the Best Actress award in the Digital Film category for her role in the movie Kin, was presented by her father Ahmet Sarışık, the former Mayor of Konak. Duygu Sarşın “For years, I was mentioned as the mayor's daughter in İzmir. She is now mentioned as a successful actress, she. She is so proud,” she expressed her feelings.

Ufuk Bayraktar, who received the Best Actor Award for his role in the film Dayı, which placed an embargo on the awards in the vision film category, said, “It was a very fruitful night. Our film has won many awards,” he said.

Who Is Deniz Baysal

Deniz Baysal completed her primary education at Karşıyaka Primary School. She graduated from Lieutenant Ali Rıza Akıncı Anatolian High School. She worked at Karşıyaka Municipal Theater for 10 years. She is currently studying international trade at Celal Bayar University.

She first appeared in some serials such as Derin Sular (Deep Waters), Bitmeyen Şarkı (Endless Song) and Babalar ve Evlatlar (Fathers and Sons), which were broadcast on FOX in 2011. She became known for her role as Karaca Yılmaz in the TV series Aşk Ekmek Hayaller. She gained a large fan base with the character of Kainat Gencer, which she portrayed in the TV series Kaçak Gelinler (Fugitive Brides), which started to be broadcast on Star TV in the summer of 2014. 

In 2015, she played two young girls, Alara Korel and Melek Yılmaz, who resemble each other only in faces, but whose characters and lives are completely different, in the TV series Beyaz Yalan, which was broadcast on Show TV. Between 2017-2018, she played Hazan Çamkıran, the leading character in the TV series Fazilet Hanım ve Kızları, which was produced by Avşar. She played the lead role of Prosecutor Derya Duman in the TV series. Today, she plays the character of Zehra Balaban in the Teşkilat TV series broadcast on TRT 1.

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