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Episode 13 Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby): Trailer And Summary

Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby) 13rd episode trailer has been released! In the end episode; Ertan puts pressure on Neriman and Süleyman to bring Zafer to the mansion and accept and forgive him. What happen in the episode on September 27th?

Balkan Ninnisi series took its place on the screen with the 12nd episode. After the release of the last episode of the series, has the 13rd episode trailer of Balkan Ninnisi been published intensively for those who want to watch the new episode trailer? Curiously, fans continues their research in the internet of "Watch the 13rd episode trailer of Balkan Ninnisi". TRT1 series Balkan Ninnisi 13rd episode trailer watch link and episode summary details are here ....

Balkan Ninnisi tells the story of the struggle of two young people from different nationalities to achieve the impossible for the sake of their love in Skopje, which remained an Ottoman city for 600 years and where Turks and Albanians lived on one side and Macedonians on the other.

episode 13 balkan ninnisi
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Balkan Ninnisi series, which was broadcast on TRT1 screens on Tuesdays, took place on the screens with the 12nd episode. Here are 13rd episode trailer and episode summary of Balkan Ninnisi ....

What happen in the end episode?

Having learned the great secret of Süleyman, Ertan now takes a stand against his uncle. He puts his old mistakes in the face of Süleyman, cornering Neriman and Süleyman a little more in each event. Everything that was said to be impossible in the mansion has started to happen. Ertan puts pressure on Neriman and Süleyman to bring Zafer to the mansion and accept and forgive him. Desperate, Neriman and Süleyman accept Zafer in the mansion. 

Learning about the love of Nina and Süleyman, Ertan decides to follow his love and makes preparations to propose to Jovanka. While the turmoil in the Turkish family in the mansion continues, the emergence of old secrets in the Macedonian family leaves Elena and Jovanka in a very difficult situation. Jovanka is caught between her love and past secrets.

Balkan Ninnisi Episode 13 Trailer

Balkan Ninnisi Episode 13 Summary

The serie will be updated on September 27th. Thank you for coming back to visit us ....

The new 13rd episode of the Balkan Ninnisi, which will be watched with great admiration on TRT 1 screens, is on Tuesday, September 27, at 08 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby)

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