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Episode 14 Gül Masalı (The Tale of Rose): Trailer And Summary

The new 14th episode trailer of Gül Masalı (The Tale of Rose) has been released! In the end episode; How will Tahir and Zühre's rapprochement affect both Gonca's and Toprak's lives deeply? What happen in the episode on September 25th?

Gül Masalı series, which was broadcast on ATV screens with its first episode on June 19, 2022, continues at full speed. The drama series, starring Gülper Özdemir and Erdem Kaynarca, is in front of the audience every week on Sunday evenings. The highly anticipated new episode trailer of the series has been released. 

Gonca's Anger Ends Her Relationship with Toprak! In the end episode of the popular series of ATV screens, Gül Masalı; While Atabey Mansion is shaken by Toprak and Gonca's marriage decision, Canan's anger grows and she puts all the blame on Halil.

While Gonca is thinking about how to explain her marriage decision to her father, Tahir's reaction to this issue indicates that she will do everything to prevent the marriage. On the other hand, Ece included Arda in her insidious plans. In addition, he does not stand idle in Fuat, and constantly corners Rifat.

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In the new episode trailer of the series, Gonca's anger towards Toprak ends that relationship, while her words break Toprak quite a lot. Here are 14th episode trailer and episode summary of Gül Masalı (The Tale of Rose) ....

What happen in the end episode?

Ece's constant presence in their lives has exhausted Gonca's patience. She is convinced that they cannot continue in this way, and she completely breaks the ropes, holding Toprak responsible for what happened. Toprak, who is shocked by Gonca's decision to leave, thinks that she does not deserve such a reaction. He too has a threshold of tolerance, which has been crossed many times by the people closest to him. Now he has nothing on his mind except to confront them as a completely different land and to teach a good lesson… 

Not only Gonca but also her family and Ece will get their share from this lesson. Meanwhile, Tahir's accident has further reinforced Gonca's decision, and she has completely locked herself in her work and goals. Fuat warns Toprak by telling what he knows about Ece. Despite this, Ece gets an unexpected phone call from Toprak. A new page is about to open for Canan and Halil, who are on the brink of the abyss. How will Rifat react to this development between his daughter and son-in-law? What kind of game is Fuat preparing for her, who does not close his account with Ece? How will Tahir and Zühre's rapprochement affect both Gonca's and Toprak's lives deeply?

Gül Masalı Episode 14 Trailer

"His pulse is very weak, he has lost a lot of blood!"

Gül Masalı Episode 14 Summary

Toprak, stabbed by Yılmaz, is brought to the hospital and immediately taken into surgery. Gonca blames herself for what happened to her, and she is not the only one who thinks so. Canan also blames Gonca for what happened. On the other hand, Yılmaz, who was involved in the disappearance, has no intention of falling behind Gonca. On the other hand, although Ece has to accept the helping hand offered by Fuat, she cannot save herself from being exposed to his psychological pressure. Pınar's complaint about Canan makes the residents of Atabey Mansion uneasy. The fact that Canan is in danger of going to jail increases Rıfat's anger towards Halil. 

Moreover, things get messy when Fuat exaggerates the news about the relationship between Pınar and Halil. Determined to live their second spring, Halil and Canan endure these attacks hand in hand, while Rifat no longer has the strength to withstand the successive blows. Deciding to support their father, Halil and Canan challenge Fuat. What will be the costs of this spirit of solidarity, which is not expected from the Atabeys? Will Toprak be able to protect Gonca from Yılmaz? Confused by the offer from Fuat, will Ece be willing to give up Toprak?

The highly anticipated Gül Masalı 14th episode on ATV screens on September 25th. Sadullah Şentürk sits in the director's chair of Gül Masalı. Aybars Bora Kahyaoğlu writes the script of Gül Masalı. Read Also All Episode of Gül Masalı (The Tale of Rose)

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