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Episode 16 Baba (The Father): Trailer And Summary

The new 16th episode trailer of Baba (The Father) has been released! In the end episode; Kadircan, who sees Cansu and Servet getting closer, is experiencing a great shock in the promotion that draws attention to the moments.  What happen in the episode on September 20th?

The shooting of the second season of Baba series has started. It was seen that many new players were included in the cast in the second season of Baba series. In the new season of the TV series Baba, Levent Ülgen was surprised on the set. In the second season of Levent Ülgen Baba series, he will be the father of the family who will be newly included in the series. On the other hand, although he did not appear on the set, it was announced that Gizem Karaca will also be included in the second season of Baba series.

The popular series of Show TV screens, Baba, ended its first season with its 15th episode on the evening of May 31. Baba series, which Show TV management has given conditional approval for the new season, will appear in front of the audience with a very different scenario in the second season. He accidentally killed Kadircan Cansu in the season finale of the Baba series. Meanwhile, Büşra Ferit will prove that Karaçam's murderer is not her brother Kadir, but her ex-wife Ahmet. Ilhan, who is unaware of the facts, will want to kill Kadir, who he thinks is his father's murderer, but Kadir will not die in this fight to the death.

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Of course, only Gökhan Horzum, the scriptwriter of the series Baba, knows the script of the second season of the series Baba, but according to the information we received from the set of the series Baba, Tolga Sarıtaş, who plays with the character of Kadir in the series of Baba, and Hakan Kurtaş, who takes part in the character of İlhan, will continue to act in the series of Baba in the second season; but will many lead actors from the series Baba leave the series? For example, Büşra? The new season contract has not been signed yet with the character of Büşra, played by Özge Yağız. The audience will learn the answers to these questions in the second season of the TV series Baba.

Tolga Sarıtaş and Dilara Aksüyek will continue to be partners in the second season of the series Baba, and the audience will experience the love of Elif and Kadir to the fullest in the new season. Here are 16th episode trailer and episode summary of Baba (The Father)

What happen in the end episode?

Kadircan, who sees Cansu and Servet getting closer, is experiencing a great shock in the promotion that draws attention to the moments when Emin is in the hands of armed men. While it is a matter of curiosity what happened to Kadircan, who took shelter in Kadir in tears, Yaşar's collapse on the ground increases the tension. The shocked expressions of Kadir, Emin and Servet increase the excitement about what will happen in the final episode on the first season.

Baba (The Father) Episode 16 Trailer 

Baba (The Father) Episode 16 Summary

In the breathtaking promotion, Fazilet was in tears and asked Kadir, "Where is your father?" The moments when he asks the question arouse great curiosity. The series, which left many question marks in mind with the season finale, signals that the new season, which will lock the audience on the screen, is full of surprises.

"What will happen to the Saruhanli family?" begs the question. In the trailer, which met with the audience, the first clues about the character of master actor Levent Ülgen are given. While Kadir's work in a dump draws attention, Emin Saruhanlı seems to have disappeared and is in a difficult situation.

As the countdown continues for the new season of Show TV's Ay Yapım signed series 'Baba (The Father)', another exciting promotion met with the audience. The moments when Emin Saruhanlı lost consciousness "I don't know, I don't know anything." While he was the harbinger of heart-wrenching scenes with his words, it was also a matter of curiosity how the surprise names included in the cast would change the course of the story. In addition to the clues about the characters of Buse Meral, Hazal Türesan and Ali İl, Levent Ülgen's "This is my trash, Kadir. Keep your head down, do your job, and then go call your father." lyrics are increasing the excitement for the new season.

Baba (The Father) is on Show TV with its 16th episode on Tuesday September 20th at 8 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Baba (The Father)

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