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Episode 18 Seversin (You Love It): Trailer And Summary

The new 18th episode of Seversin (You Love It) has been released. In the end episode; The steps that Tolga took without thinking about the consequences, the helping hand of friendship by taking advantage of this situation, made Tolga almost break up with Asya. What will happen in the episode on September 28th?

Seversin, which was broadcast on Kanal D screens, took its place on the screens with the 17th last episode. The truth that Tolga learned in the last episode of the series causes his life to be turned upside down. Those who missed the last episode of the series and want to watch it again and again continue their research in the form of "Seversin 18th episode full watch". Kanal D and Seversin 18th episode trailer and summary details are here.

Seversin series took its place on Kanal D screens with the 18th last episode. Those who could not watch the last episode of the series and want to watch it again continue their research in the form of "Watch Seversin 18th episode trailer".

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What Happen in the end episode?

The truth that Tolga learns causes his life to be turned upside down. Asya has deciphered the secret of the years in panic and attracted all the reactions. As Tolga tries to get out of the emptiness he fell into with this reality, he sinks deeper. Tolga's self-confidence is broken. His anger towards Suzan, Kudret and even Asya puts him in a very depressed mood. In this state, while it devastates everyone, Asya gets its share from it.

The person who gets Tolga out of the bottom is Hakan. Because he is the person who knows Tolga Tuna's journey from the beginning and gives him a shoulder. Tolga wants to reset everything and close the accounts before his new journey. While doing this, he will take revenge on his father Kudret in his own way. But the steps taken without thinking about the end and the friendly hands extended by taking advantage of Tolga's situation at the bottom bring Tolga to the point of breaking with Asya. The tough test between the two begins now...

Seversin Episode 18 Trailer 

Seversin Episode 18 Summary

Having learned that Nazli will be the lead role, Asya leaves the set angrily. Although Tolga wants to go after him, he can't stop shooting. The phone call she gets on the way home, bored with everything, drags Asya into a completely different event. Kudret's illness makes Tolga even more angry with his father. Kudret was selfish again and confronted Tolga for himself. However, if he thought of Tolga for once, maybe everything would be different.

Despite all her anger towards Tolga, Asya goes to him for Kudret. She asks him to make up with his father while he has time. Although Tolga keeps his walls high, Asya manages to convince him. As Tolga prepares for a big confrontation with his father, Asya decides to take an important step in her career. Selin and Nazli have no intention of letting their partnership slip. With a fine calculation, he makes the move that will ruin both of their plans. This move will also make Tolga happy.

Seversin, starring the popular actors and actress of Turkish country such as Burak Yörük and İlayda Alişan, will meet with the audience for the 18th episode on September 28th. Read Also All Episode of Seversin (You Love It) 

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