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The new 2nd episode trailer of Aldatmak (Deception) has been released, In the end episode; Güzide is unaware of Oylum's decision to follow her dreams at all costs, Ozan's plans to turn the corner, and most importantly, that her husband, Tarik has had a second family for five years. What happen in the episode on September 29th?

Investigated with the ATV series watch screen, the first episode of Aldatmak is in front of the audience! Vahide Perçin, who plays a family court judge, will give life to the character of Güzide. Watch the new episode was shared with ATV. The strong production that brought together master names and young actors was eagerly awaited. 

The series, in which Vahide Perçin will appear in front of the audience with the character of Güzide Yenersoy, leaves its rivals behind with its subject. Güzide is a family court judge who is fond of her family, but at times distant and strict, trembling, normative and never deviating from her truths. She maintains her authority in the courthouse at home as well. Here are 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Aldatmak (Deception) ....

aldatmak episode 2
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What happen in the end episode?

Güzide Yenersoy, together with her husband of 30 years and their two children, is a respected family court judge with a family that will set an example for everyone from the outside. His wife, Tarık, is an experienced and successful lawyer who owns his own law firm. His son Ozan works as an engineer in a construction company, and his daughter Oylum continues to medical school, which she entered at her mother's insistence.

While everything is going well in the life of the Yenersoy Family, which looks perfect from the outside, it is revealed that there are different secrets behind their lives based on love and trust, and the other side of the coin leads to different struggles for Güzide, old notebooks to come to light and innovations that are difficult to predict. Every member of her family is lying to Güzide. Güzide is unaware of Oylum's decision to follow her dreams at all costs, Ozan's plans to turn the corner, and most importantly, that her husband of thirty years, Tarık, has had a second family for five years.

Güzide's life falls apart when, by chance, the truth about her husband Tarık comes to light. Now Güzide must face the lies she knows to be true and emerge victorious from this difficult struggle by preserving the self that she has not compromised for years.

Aldatmak Episode 2 Trailer 

"We demand that the accused Oylum Yenersoy be put on trial due to the fatal accident."

Aldatmak Episode 2 Summary

The emergence of Tarık's double life shocked everyone. Güzide, who is trying to digest the betrayal she has suffered, is once again shaken by a sudden phone call. His daughter Oylum, whom he thought was going to Amsterdam for school, was involved in an accident in Ankara. Guzide, who set out with a lot of question marks in her mind, gets the support she could not get from Tarık, an old friend.

Tim's escape, leaving Oylum at the scene, puts Oylum in the spotlight. Coming from an influential family, Tim struggles to escape abroad before the truth comes out. However, Güzide will do her best to prevent her daughter from being convicted of a murder she didn't commit.

Ozan, who lost the money entrusted to Oltan, makes mistake after mistake while trying to make up for his mistake. As a matter of fact, the revelation of what happened in the background of the event that caused him to be defrauded will make Ozan more angry. Güzide tries to come to everyone's aid when the order she has built for her family has been destroyed. This may be the biggest test of her life.

Aldatmak (Deception) Episode 2 will be on ATV on Thursday, September 29 at 08 P.M!. Read Also All Episode of Aldatmak (Deception)

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