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Episode 4 Kusursuz Kiracı: Trailer And Summary

The 4th Episode of Kusursuz Kiracı (The Perfect Tenant) has released! In the end episode; This will mean keeping big secrets from Yakup and, worse yet, complicit with the neighbors against Yakup. Watch the 4th episode trailer of Kusursuz Kiracı series!

Kusursuz Kiracı, which started to appeal to a wide audience with its first two episodes and attracted attention, became a matter of curiosity with its third episode. The aforementioned series project, which appeared before the audience on Fox TV screens, achieved unsuccessful results in viewing rates. Bringing together Serkay Tütüncü and Dilan Çiçek Deniz in the lead roles, the popular TV series proved to be a different project with its horror-filled story. 

So, when will Kusursuz Kiracı 4th episode be published and what will happen in Kusursuz Kiracı 4th episode? In the continuation of our news, we have written detailed information about the new episode and the ones who are curious about the TV series project called Kusursuz Kiracı, which brings Dilan Çiçek Deniz and Serkay Tütüncü in the lead role.

The character of Mona, who started to solve the mystery of the apartment she stayed in, is played by Dilan Çiçek Deniz in the series and the famous actress is appreciated for her strong performance. In the new episode of the series, the events will not happen as the neighbors wanted and Mona's neighbors will be on the job. Later, the Mona character, who hopes that the hand of luck will turn to her side, will see that the events continue in a different direction. After Mona finds the body, she will also realize that she has no chance of redeeming herself. 

kusursuz kiraci episode 4
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After the silence agreement is made, Mona will have to keep a big secret from Jacob, causing the neighbors to become complicit against Jacob. After this development, there will be a deep gap between Mona and Yakup arising from guilt. Starting to question her innocence and her own guilt from the very beginning to others, Mona will think about her life and all she has experienced after time and a big surprise coming out of the attic. On the other hand, Mona will start to question whether the character of Yakup is as innocent as she seems, and she will have a hard time in the new episode. Here are 4th episode trailer and episode summary of Kusursuz Kiracı ....

What happen in the end episode?

Mona begins to unravel the mystery of the apartment. Se hopes that after her neighbors step on the job, the hand of luck will turn towards her. However, things don't go that way. Mona, who soon realizes that there is no chance of securing herself without locating the body, is forced to agree to a mutual silence agreement with the neighbors. This will mean keeping big secrets from Yakup and, worse yet, complicit with the neighbors against Yakup. This situation opens a deep gulf between him and Yakup, born of guilt. Time and a big surprise from the attic make Mona question her own guilt and the innocence of others all over again. Or is Yakup not as innocent as she seems?

Kusursuz Kiracı Episode 4 Trailer

Kusursuz Kiracı Episode 4 Summary

Mona is now unemployed after the threat of homelessness. However, the fact that Muzaffer, whom he thought he had killed, comes home alive, completely changes the balance in the apartment. Mona is no longer the prey, but the hunter. However, the childhood box coming out of the attic will cause him to reevaluate everything he knows about the apartment. Did Mona really come here by chance, or are there other invisible ties to Yuva Apartment that she doesn't know about?

Leyla harshly warns Mona that she should not trust Jacob. But when the heart does not listen to the edict, things will get mixed up again. Moreover, Mona's hunting will not last long, and she will find herself in the hunting position again with the organized plan of the neighbors. Moreover, this time she is in real trouble.

Kusursuz Kiracı Episode 4, which attracts attention with its promotions on FOX TV, came to the screens on Tuesday, September 20. Read Also All Episode of Kusursuz Kiracı (The Perfect Tenant)

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