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Episode 68 Gönül Dağı (The Mountain of Hearts): Trailer And Summary

The new 68th episode trailer of Gönül Dağı (The Mountain of Hearts) has been released! In the end episode; Kenan, who is very affected by Dilek's death and constantly blames himself, is afraid of losing Elif as well. What happen in the episode on September 17th?

Gönül Dağı series, which is among the television series that many people watch with pleasure, is wondered by many people. So, has Gönül Dağı new 68th episode trailer been released? Watch the new 68th trailer of Gönül Dağı here!

Gönül Dağı series, one of TRT's popular TV series, will meet with the audience on TRT screens on every Saturday night. The 68th episode trailer, which will be released on Saturday, September 17, is curious by many viewers. So, has Gönül Dağı new trailer been released? Watch the new 68th episode trailer of Gönül Dağı!

episode 68 gonul dagi
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Gönül Dağı Plot Story

The series Gönül Dağı tells the story of a warm, loving Anatolian people living in a cute town in the steppe. It tells the story of people who live by heart the values ​​that have been forgotten in the cities, who feel their love with their hearts while winning with the sweat of their brow, and who struggle for their lives for the sake of their hopes and dreams.

What happen in the end episode?

The engineer sent by the ministry stands in front of Taner, who works hard to prevent the evacuation of the town of Gedelli. Will Taner be able to overcome the engineer barrier and stop the relocation of the town? The coincidence of their wedding anniversary and Dilek's death day makes Asuman unhappy. What will be the surprise that Ramazan will prepare for Asuman to eliminate this situation? Kenan, who is very affected by Dilek's death and constantly blames himself, is afraid of losing Elif as well. What will be the decision of Kenan after his journey with Ciritçi Abdullah? After Veysel goes to Ankara for business, Cemile begins to show vague symptoms of illness. What will be the truth he will learn when he goes to the hospital?

Gönül Dağı Episode 68 Trailer

Gönül Dağı Episode 68 Summary

In the Kaya family, whose fields have artesian spring water, there will be a crisis in this episode. Wedding, Muammer and Ağıtçı Hüseyin, who are in a fight for inheritance, are shocked when their father, Ciritçi Abdullah, announces that they will reorganize the inheritance. We will see how this fight in the family will end in this episode. The danger waiting for Cemile and Veysel Cemile and Veysel, who are excited for a new baby, are in danger. 

What is in the package sent to Elif from abroad? In last week's episode, Doctor Kenan, who proposed to nurse Elif, whom he fell in love with, shares this decision with his family. Elif, who flies into the air with happiness and shares this good news with her sister Zeynep, receives a package from abroad. How will Taner respond to Engineer Aylin's offer? We will see how Taner, who lost his beloved wife Dilek and tried to hold on to life again with his child, will respond to engineer Aylin's message, "I am ready for a new beginning". 

We will see if Taner, who still mourns the death of his beloved childhood love Dilek, is ready for a new emotional relationship. They got married, but they could not get together. On the front of Ramazan and Asuman, who got married on the day of Dilek's death and could not get over this sadness, tragicomic events are taking place. Hüseyin and Günşıl, whose houses were destroyed, settled next to the newly married couple, and Ramazan started to share the same bed with his father. The lovers who try to come together without breaking them are not without it. Will husband and wife be able to reunite with each other?

On Saturday evenings, the series of Gönül Dağı (The Mountain of Hearts), which is now broadcast on TRT 1 screen, looks like it will cut off other programs. Read Also All Episode of Gönül Dağı (The Mountain of Hearts)

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