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Episode 70 Gönül Dağı (The Mountain of Hearts): Trailer And Summary

The new 70th episode trailer of Gönül Dağı (The Anatolian Tale) has been released! In the end episode; What kind of events await Ramazan and Asuman at the hotel arranged by Ramazan's military friend? What happen in the episode on October 1st?

Gönül Dağı  69th episode part 2 trailer has been released. The new 70th episode of Gönül Dağı series, which draws attention with its strong cast and story, is eagerly awaited. Here are 70th episode trailer and episode summary of Gönül Dağı ....

Gönül Dağı series 70th episode trailer has already attracted great attention. Gönül Dağı series, which draws attention with its impressive production, gripping story and rich cast, will continue from where it left off on the screen. Gönül Mountain, which is widely talked about on social media with its scenes full of love, drama and excitement, is in our news with the new 70th episode trailer and summary ...

gonul dagi episode 70
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Gönül Dağı tells the story of an Anatolian tale in the steppe, the yellow lands, the legends that have been spoken for years, and the unforgettable loves. Gönül Dağı, which reflects sections from the lives of Anatolian children who have big dreams in their small world, and three cousins trying to achieve the impossible despite all obstacles, is on TRT1 every Saturday!

Gönül Dağı with its sincere scenario blended with love, respect, tolerance and our traditional values, by pointing to the very important problems of our country, will continue to motivate and guide young people in entrepreneurship in the third season. Gönül Dağı is produced by Ferhat Eşsiz and directed by Yahya Samancı.

What happen in the end episode?

The lawsuit filed by Muammer caused resentment in the Kaya Family. Ciritçi Abdullah knocks on Muammer's door to prevent this and tells him to withdraw the case. What will be Muammer's response to this? Although Cemile wants to hide her unfortunate event from Veysel, she cannot be successful. Will Veysel, who learned everything through Dentist Musa, succumb to his anger? Ramazan and Asuman went on their honeymoon. What kind of events await Ramazan and Asuman at the hotel arranged by Ramazan's military friend? Günşıl receives an offer for a theater competition. If she wins, she will go to the big city to study theater. Günşıl wants to take advantage of this opportunity and rolls up her sleeves. Will she finally succeed?

Gönül Dağı Episode 70 Trailer

Gönül Dağı Episode 70 Summary

Will the innocence of Veysel, who was detained on the grounds of killing Zeki Durmaz in the episode we watched last week, be proven? His uncles Taner, Ramazan and Doctor Kenan are looking for witnesses of the night of the incident. Meanwhile, there is a witness: Kellerin Rıfat. Rifat goes to his uncle's sons with his wife Mihriban and tells that he was with Veysel that night. Taner and Ramazan happily take Rifat to the prosecutor. After talking to Rifat, the prosecutor decides whether he is a witness or not. 

We will follow the prosecutor's decision in the seventieth episode of Gönül Mountain. Ciritçi Abdullah, who passed out after having a heart attack in last week's episode, is recovering. Who is the mysterious person who saved Ciritçi Abdullah, who was unaware of Veysel's arrest and what happened in the Kaya family, we will learn in the new episode. Zahide and Sefer learn the truth from Kasım, who works on their farm and takes great care and attention to their children. Learning that Kasım is the grandfather of his children and the father of his deceased first wife Fikret, we will watch in the seventieth episode of the series how Zahide will decide on this issue.

On Saturday evenings, the series of Gönül Dağı (The Mountain of Hearts), which is now broadcast on TRT 1 screen, looks like it will cut off other programs. Read Also All Episode of Gönül Dağı (The Mountain of Hearts)

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