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Shooting of Tuzak (The Trap) Has Started, Here Are Photos Of Akın Akınözü And Bensu Soral

The Shooting of Tuzak (The Trap) Series Bringing Akın Akınözü and Bensu Soral Together Has Started! What the story of Tuzak? Where is the filming location? When the series released? Here are the detail ..

The TV series project called Tuzak (The Trap) was nominated to be one of the most ambitious productions of the season, and the famous names in the cast of the series attracted attention. The project, which has completed its cast as one of tv8's 3 projects this season, continues its preparations. While the details about the story of the series were explained gradually, the fact that the leading male actor was Akın Akınözü was interpreted as a remarkable development about the series.

The famous actor Akın Akınözü had a big break in his acting career with the Hercai series, and thanks to this series, he started to appeal to young audiences. Later in the last season, the famous actor Akın Akınözü, who appeared on the screens with the TV series project called Kaderimin Oyunu, was appreciated by the audience, although he did not achieve as much success with this series as Hercai. -The fans of the famous actor experienced the excitement of seeing the famous name in a new series after the final of the series Kaderimin Oyunu and the details about the series became a matter of curiosity.

The most curious issue about the TV series project named Tuzak was the partner of the famous actor Akın Akınözü. The audience made researches about who will be Akın Akınözü's partner in Tuzak series, and the result to be announced was awaited in curiosity. Later, rumors about the popular actress Bensu Soral gained intensity and Akın Akınözü fans were very happy with this decision. The beautiful actress Bensu Soral, who shared the photo of Tuzak series on her social media account, announced that she accepted the offer from the series and made her fans happy with this news.

tuzak's shooting has started
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Especially in the 1st stage, Tuzak series attracted attention with its cast and was appreciated with its leading actors. Two famous and successful actors in the leading roles added popularity to the popularity of the series, and the audience searched for details about the project.

The good news that the shooting of the series started a while ago was announced and the audience was very happy with this information. It is estimated that the project will be broadcast on the screens after the shooting of the series begins in a short time. Tuzak series, jointly prepared by Fabrika Yapım and Acun Medya, will be directed by Aytaç Çiçek. 

Eylem Canpolat will appear in front of the audience as the name who wrote the script of Tuzak series. Eylem Canpolat, who has signed many successful and resounding works to date, will appear in front of his fans as the screenwriter of Tuzak series. According to the backstage information obtained about the series, there will be a very successful story in Tuzak series. 

In addition to Bensu Soral and Akın Akınözü, the master actor Talat Bulut will be in the cast of Tuzak series and will perform as an actor. In addition, information was shared that the famous actress Rıza Kocaoğlu will be in the cast of Tuzak series, which will start broadcasting in a short time, and Rıza Kocaoğlu's fans experienced great happiness in the face of this information. In addition to this, İlayda Çevik, Naz Göktan, Yağız Can Konyalı, Emir Benderlioğlu, Onur Durmaz, İbrahim Şahin, Eylül Su Kapan and Gamze Sümer Atay are among the cast members of Tuzak series.

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