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Who is Barış Kılıç? Who Is Omer Character in the series Kızılcık Şerbeti? Where is he from? How old is he? What is his profession? What is his zodiac sign? How is his height and weight? 

While the new series of Show TV screens Kızılcık Şerbeti broke ratings records by locking millions of viewers on the screen with its first episodes, the actors of the popular series were also a matter of curiosity. Who is Barış Kılıç, where is he from, how old, what is his profession? What is his zodiac sign, height and weight? We have compiled the answers to your questions in our news.

The new season series of Show TV screens, Kızılcık Şerbeti, has locked the fans on the screen from the very first episode with the subject of the intersection of the lives of families who have adopted two different lifestyles. In addition to their life views, the actors of the series, whose financial situations are at two extremes and quoted from a true story, were also a subject of curiosity by the audience. So who is Omer character in the series Kizilcik Serbeti? Who is Barış Kılıç, where is he from, how old is he, what is his profession? What is his zodiac sign, height and weight? Here are all the curiosities...

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Barış Kılıç Biography

Barış Kılıç, who was born on February 21, 1978 in Malatya's Arguvan district, is 44 years old. He is a graduate of Istanbul University Faculty of Economics. He had his first acting experience by playing the character of Aybars in the TV series All My Children, which was broadcast on Kanal D in 2004. Later, she debuted with the TV series I Named Feriha and became quite well-known.

Barış Kılıç's only cinematic experience was the highly acclaimed "Seni Seviyorum Adamım" movie. He married Ayşegül Özay Kılıç in 2007. He has two children named Batu and Emir.

Barış Kılıç Profile

Barış Kılıç, which is 1.90 m tall and weighs 93 kg, his zodiac is a Pisces.

What about Omer Character?

Ömer is Abdullah Ünal's brother. He is at the head of the international investments of the Unal Group of Companies. Ömer was better educated than his older brother and studied abroad. He married his wife Sema at a young age with the force of his father, and he had a son named Metehan from this marriage. Ömer does not stay away from modern life and does not think like his brother on some issues.

In time, the differences in education and opinion between Sema and Ömer become unbearable and Ömer says he wants a divorce. Omer is a good father who is respectful to everyone, has a principle of being fair in business life, is fond of his son. As he will never fail to respect his family members, he also never makes himself oppressed and does not hold back from anyone. Meeting Kıvılcım will be the test of his life for him as well. Read Also All Episode of Kızılcık Şerbeti

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