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Character Cast of Kızılcık Şerbeti (The Cranberry Sherbet): Turkish Drama

Here is the plot story, cast, character cast and release date of Kızılcık Şerbeti (The Cranberry Sherbet) series!

The highly anticipated TV series "Kızılcık Serbeti" will be screened on Show TV, produced by Gold Film and produced by Faruk Turgut, starring Barış Kılıç, Evrim Alasya, Settar Tanrıöğen, Sıla Türkoğlu, Sibel Taşçıoğlu, Doğukan Güngör and Müjde Uzman. Şerbeti” will meet with the audience on Friday, October 28 at 08 P.M.

Written by Melis Civelek and directed by Ketche, the series will leave its mark on the season with its exciting story and cast. There are also the following names in the cast of Kızılcık Şerbeti: Aliye Uzunatağan, Feyza Civelek, Ceren Yalazoğlu Karakoç, Emrah Altıntoprak, Feray Darıcı, Selin Türkmen, Özlem Çakar, Oral Özer, Rahimcan Kapkap, Serkan Tınmaz, Tuana Gizem Uzunlar.”

“Kızılcık Şerbeti” starts on Friday, October 28th at 20.00 on Show TV! It should be noted that before the first episode of the series, there was a great expectation on social media and comments were made that it should receive very good ratings. So what kind of story are you going to watch? Here are the details:

kizilcik serbeti character
Image Via @Show Tv

Kızılcık Şerbeti Plot Story

The plot story of Kızılcık Şerbeti is as follows: Kıvılcım (Evrim Alasya), a well-educated, realistic and modern woman, stood firm after her divorce and raised her two daughters in line with the values ​​she believed in. Her younger daughter Çimen (Selin Türkmen) is still attending high school, while her older daughter Doğa (Sıla Türkoğlu) is studying dentistry at the university.

Kıvılcım's only wish is to see her children be successful and happy in the future. Kıvılcım, who was very disappointed when Doğa married her boyfriend in her first year at university, experiences the shock of her life when her daughter meets her husband's family.

The family of Doğa's husband Fatih (Doğukan Güngör) is a very conservative family. Kıvılcım thinks that her daughter cannot live with a family that looks at life so differently. Nature believes that their love will overcome all kinds of differences. “Kızılcık Şerbeti” is a love story between two extreme families with the same truth but different methods. Read Also All Episode of Kızılcık Şerbeti (The Cranberry Sherbet)

Character Cast of Kızılcık Şerbeti

Baris Kilic as Omer Unal

Barış Kılıç will take the lead role with Evrim Alasya in the cast. Barış Kılıç, who recently appeared in the TV series Uzak Şehrin Masalı and Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey, was born on February 21, 1978 in Malatya and is 44 years old. Barış Kılıç, who studied Economics at Istanbul University, became one of the favorite actors of the audience with the series Evlat Kokusu, Güllerin Savaşı and Yasak Elma. Barış Kılıç weighs 75 kg and is 183 cm tall. Barış Kılıç is married to Ayşegül Kılıç.

Ömer is Abdullah Ünal's brother. He is at the head of the international investments of the Unal Group of Companies. Ömer was better educated than his older brother and studied abroad. He married his wife Sema at a young age with the force of his father, and he had a son named Metehan from this marriage. Ömer does not stay away from modern life and does not think like his brother on some issues. In time, the differences in education and opinion between Sema and Ömer become unbearable and Ömer says he wants a divorce. Omer is a good father who is respectful to everyone, has a principle of being fair in business life, is fond of his son. As he will never fail to respect his family members, he also never makes himself oppressed and does not hold back from anyone. Meeting Kıvılcım will be the test of his life for him as well.

Evrim Alasya as Kıvılcım Arslan

Evrim Alaysa born on August 2, 1979 in Izmir, Evrim Alasya is 43 years old. Evrim Alasya, who studied theater at Dokuz Eylul University, is 171 cm tall and 56 kilos. Evrim Alasya, who is currently single, has become an artist that all directors work with and appreciate, especially with her acting performance in the TV series Güneşin Kızları, Akrep and Kırmızı Oda.

Kıvılcım was born as the eldest daughter of a dominating father and a housewife mother. When his father dies before Kıvılcım graduates from university, all responsibility of the family falls to Kıvılcım. Kıvılcım's mother, Sönmez, is a self-sacrificing woman, but a dominant woman who cannot show much love. She continues her working life as a high school principal in one of the most well-established and best schools in Istanbul. She is famous for her stance in her professional life and her discipline at school.

For Kıvılcım, life consists of principles. It is quite organized, systematic and punctual. As he rose in his career, his profession became his identity. Therefore, she is like a teacher at home. She had two daughters named Doğa and Çimen. Her husban Koray gets bored of being under the yoke of Kıvılcım's authority over time and they get divorced. While Kıvılcım dedicates herself to her family and students, she plans her life to rise in her career. All she wants is for her children to get a good education and work and have a career.

Sıla Türkoğlu as Doğa

Sıla Türkoğlu will give character of Evrim Alasya's daughter. Sıla Türkoğlu, who appeared with the character of Seher in the series Emanet last season, will be the female lead in the cast of Kızılcık Şerbeti. Sıla Türkoğlu, who later appeared in the TV series Yemin, is 1.68 cm tall and Sıla Türkoğlu weighs 55 kg. Although Sıla Türkoğlu had a love affair with Halil İbrahim Ceyhan, her partner in the Emanet series, their love was short-lived. The actress is currently single. 

Doğa is Kıvılcım's eldest daughter. Like her mother, she is idealistic and hardworking. She graduated from the school where her mother was the principal and won the dental faculty with a full scholarship. She is afraid of her mother like everyone else. His mother is very precious to him, and he hides his relationship with Fatih at first, as he is never willing to make her sad. But her love for Fatih is so overwhelming that she marries him without caring what her mother will say.

Doğukan Güngör as Fatih Unal

Doğukan Güngör, the lover of Sude Zülal Güler, was born on July 1, 1996 and is within the age of 26. Finally, in the Hakim series and the Zümrüdü Anka series. Doğukan Güngör graduated from Beykent University, Department of Acting. He was first known for Savasci series.

Fatih Unal is Abdullah's youngest son and his father's most precious. He is a respectful, masterful personality. Unlike his older brother Mustafa, he is more active and smart in business matters. When he falls in love with Doğa and gets married, it is important for him to get his father's approval.

Settar Tanrıöğen as Abdullah Unal

Settar Tanrıöğen was born on July 15, 1962 in Denizli and is in his 60s. Settar Tanrıöğen, who studied Archeology at Hacettepe University, has recently been focusing on digital projects.

Abdullah Unal is Omer's older brother. Even though Ömer and Abdullah are equal in shares in the company, he is the eldest and has a say in the family since there is a hierarchy in their family structure. He is a good family man and fatherly man. Besides being a successful man, devoted to his wife and children, he is a complete family head. He has the last word, respect is his red line. He respects everyone's opinion and expects his own to be heard.

Sibel Taşçıoğlu as Pembe Unal

Sibel Taşçıoğlu, who was born in Bursa on July 28, 1976, is within the age of 46. Sibel Taşçıoğlu, who studied theater at Istanbul University, has previously appeared in the series Medcezir, Magnificent Century Kösem, Ekmek Teknesi and Amber.

Pembe Unal is Abdullah's wife and mother of three children. She married Abdullah, but fell in love with him. For Pembe, life consists of her husband and children. He does not avoid sacrificing his children for his happiness. She is a constructive, smiling, meticulous, organized woman.

Selin Türkmen as Çimen

Selin Turkmen was born in 2000 and is within the age of 22. She is a graduate of Dokuz Eylül University Theater Department. Selin Türkmen, who was previously in the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı, will give life to Çimen, a beautiful girl in the cast.

Çimen is the sister of Doğa and the daughter of Kıvılcım in Kızılcık Şerbeti series. Çimen continues her high school education.

Müjde Uzman as Alev Arslan

Müjde Uzman was born on September 26, 1984 in Istanbul. Müjde Uzman, who is 38 years old, took part in the Warrior series with the character of First Lieutenant Funda Turaç and was loved very much. Müjde Uzman has recently been successfully featured in TV series such as Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz, Muhteşem Yüzyıl and Kiralık Aşk. Alev is the sister of Kıvılcım, the daughter ofSönmez in this series.

Alev Arslan is Kıvılcım's volatile sister. She owns an organization firm, she. The more down-to-earth the Spark is, the more capricious the Flame is. It's fun, funny, witty. It has a structure that looks at life from a different window and does not take many things seriously. According to him, everything is simple. He does not spare his word, he says the first thing that comes to his mind.

Aliye Uzunatağan as Sonmez

Aliye Uzunatağan born on January 24, 1951 in Çanakkale, Aliye Uzunatağan is 71 years old. Lastly, the full name of Aliye Uzunatağan, who played in Erkenci Kus and Vurgun TV series, is Saliha Aliye Uzunatağan. Sönmez is the mother of Kıvılcım and Alev.

Feyza Civelek

She was born in 1995 in Istanbul. She is 160 cm tall. She is the daughter of Melis Civelek, the screenwriter of the TV series The War of the Roses. She first appeared on the screen with the Novice Witch series. She also took part in the TV series Kavak Yelleri, a youth series. She took her popular identity with the TV series I named her Feriha. She has come to the fore with the 21 kilos she lost in 1.5 months.

Ceren Yalazoglu Karakoç

She was born in 1984 in Ankara. She graduated from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Department of Stage and Visual Arts. She married Okan Karakoç in 2013 in Çanakkale. She is 167 cm tall. He has also appeared in TV series such as Beni Affet and Akıncı.

Emrah Altintoprak

She graduated from the Department of Performing Arts at Bilgi University. She took part in important TV series such as Foot Jobs, Call My Manager, Bir Başkadır, Söz. She currently does not have a girlfriend. Handsome actor Emrah Altıntoprak also joined the team of Kızılcık Şerbeti.

Feray Darici

He was born on November 21, 1981 in Hatay, Iskenderun. The childhood of the experienced player passed in Hatay. His interest in theater did not decrease over time, and he participated in the school's theater activities. She graduated from Ankara University Theater Department. Later, he worked at the Konya State Theatre. In 2000, he met the screens with the TV series Bizim Evin Halleri. He also took part in TV series such as Bizim Hikaye, Baba Ocağı, and Büyük Buluşma. He is married to Fatih Ayla.

Ozlem Cakar

She was born in 1969 in Ankara. She is now 52 years old. Lastly, we are known for her role as Makbule in the TV series Judgment. She also took part in many theater and commercial films. She is known for her devotion to his family.

Oral Ozer

He was born on January 1, 1983 in Hatay. Originally his hometown is Iskenderun. He studied at the Ankara Art Theatre. He also studied at the Müjdat Gezen Art Theater for 1 year. He also acted in popular productions such as Emret Commander, Doctors, Back Streets, and Kara Sevda. He is in a relationship with Damla Suikizoğlu. Oral Özer will also take part in Kızılcık Şerbeti series.

Rahimcan Kapkap

Handsome actor Rahimcan was born in 1998. He is currently an active student at Yıldız Technical University. He started his life in the TV series with the character of Mert, which he played in the TV series Elkizi. Rahimcan Kapkap also joined the cast in Kızılcık Şerbeti series.

Serkan Tınmaz

He was born on December 16, 1986 in Istanbul. He graduated from Çanakkale 18 Mart University, Department of Acting. She received her master's degree in acting from Kadir Has University, Department of Film and Drama. In 2011, he appeared in the feature film Aşk ve Devrim. He also took part in TV series such as Kalp Atışı, and Menajerimi Ara.

Tuana Gizem Uzunlar

She was born on December 1, 1995 in Istanbul. She is 168 cm tall and weighs 55 kilos. She continues her education at Istanbul Aydın University Fine Arts Department. In 2021, she starred in the Heart Wound series. The young actor also took part in many theater plays. Tuana Gizem is a Sagittarius sign.

Füsun Demirel

Finally, the master actor Füsun Demirel, who gave an acting lesson with the character of Neriman, whom he gave life to in the Red Room series, became the actress of Kızılcık Şerbeti with the character of Sönmez. Born on June 13, 1958 in Ankara, Füsun Demirel is 64 years old. is in it. Füsun Demirel, who has recently attracted attention with the TV series Savaşı, Aile İşi and Yalan Dünya, is 161 cm tall and weighs 77 kg.

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