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Episode 1 Hayat Bugün (Today's Life): Trailer And Summary

The first episode trailer of Hayat Bugün (Today's Life) has been released! When will Hayat Bugün series be started? Watch the trailer promotion here ....

The first trailer for Show TV's new series, Hayat Bugün, has been released. The first trailer of the series, which has already been nominated to be one of the most ambitious productions of the season, is in our news... Ayça, directed by Çiğdem Bozali...

The first trailer of Hayat Bugün, the new production of Show TV with the signature of 03 Medya, came to the screen. The series has already created great excitement in the audience. The series, directed by Çiğdem Bozali and written by Ayça Üzüm and Cansu Çoban, is an adaptation of the TV series New Amsterdam.

hayat bugun episode 1
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Hayat Bugün Casts

Which actors are in the cast of the new series Hayat Bugün, which is prepared to meet the audience on the Show TV screen and produced by O3 Medya?

Ulaş Tuna Astepe - Başhekim Doç. Dr. Barış Güvener

Hazar Ergüçlü - Doç. Dr. Suzan Mayer 

Tansel Öngel - Doç. Dr. Aras Erdem

Hande Doğandemir - Doç. Dr. Derin Nalbantoğlu

Mert Denizmen - Prof. Dr. Andaç Sağlam 

Şerif Erol - Prof. Dr. Ali Haydar Oruçov 

Hayat Bugün Episode 1 Trailer

Hayat Bugün Episode 1 Summary

Hisarönü Foundation Hospital, once one of the most established hospitals in Istanbul, is going through hard times. Barış Güvener, a young and idealistic associate professor, is appointed to Hisarönü as the chief physician in order to restore the hospital to its old days. On Barış's first day in office; A carbon monoxide leak occurs in the hotel where the Congress of Turkic Republics is held, and six poisoned ambassadors are brought to the hospital. 

Thus, the eyes of the press are turned to Hisarönü Hospital. Two Syrian brothers; Things get out of hand when Habip and Bewar sneak into the hospital and Bewar is quarantined. On the one hand, Barış, who changed all the balances in the hospital with his radical decisions on the one hand, and the dynamic between him and his colleagues, awaits a surprise that he never expected in the final.

Hayat Bugün Episode 1; The story of Chief Physician Barış Güvener, who appointed to Hisarönü Hospital, one of the oldest and most established hospitals in Istanbul, will be aired on October 19th. Read Also All Episode of Hayat Bugün (Today's Life)

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