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Episode 15 Duy Beni (Hear to Me): Trailer And Summary

The new 15th episode trailer of Duy Beni (Hear to Me) has been released. In the end episode; While the game played by Ateş causes panic among the students, a big showdown takes place between Kanat and Ekim. What will happen in the episode on October 13rd? 

The 14th episode trailer of STAR TV's most striking series in the summer season, Duy Beni, has been released. Duy Beni in the new episode trailer; Kanat, who thinks that Aziz sent him the note, has gone mad. But this time the note is not from Aziz. While Ateş's movements are getting strange day by day, Ekim is undecided about what to do. As the news of an unexpected pregnancy stirs up the real college, Ozan's stranglehold on Ekim indicates that something is going to happen. As Aziz and Leyla set sail for a new love, there are developments between Ekim and Kanat. 

STAR TV's successful series, "Duy Beni" signed by Süreç Film, continues to come to the screen with its new episodes. It is a question of what will happen among the young people. In the previous episode; True College takes a completely different turn one month after all the events. While the children are stagnant as a result of Emine's suicide, Ateş, a new student at the school, will change everything.

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Ateş, who stepped into the Real College with the traces and secrets of his past, has already begun to change everyone's lives. His closeness with Ekim especially started to push Kanat's limits. At the same time, the innovations in the neighborhood are about to upset the balance. "Derviş Demir", whom Neşe suddenly falls in love with, is about to disrupt the order of Kanat's family.

The events that will take place between Aziz, Leyla, Kanat, Ekim, Melisa, Ozan and Ateş are eagerly awaited. Here are 15th episode trailer and episode summary of Duy Beni ...

What happen in the end episode?

While the game played by Ateş causes panic among the students at Gerçek College, a big showdown takes place between Kanat and Ekim. Two young lovers are caught between their anger and their love. On the other hand, Rıza's disappearance and Derviş's visit to Kanat's house make things even more mysterious. Derviş is aware that he has to act quickly to get rid of the men after him.

Dervish is not the only one who keeps secrets. Despite Melisa cornering her, Ece avoids talking. This conversation, overheard by Ekim, will bring Kanat and Ozan face to face. Ateş, on the other hand, continues his revenge game without slowing down. This time his target is also Kanat. Learning about this situation, Ekim does something unexpected to protect Kanat.

Duy Beni (Hear to Me) Episode 15 Trailer 

Duy Beni (Hear to Me) Episode 15 Summary

Hazal talks to Ekim and asks her not to run away from her feelings anymore. Ekim goes to school and publicly declares that she is in love with Kanat. Kanat and Ekim decide to be friends for a while, get to know each other, and if they become lovers one day, they will continue this forever.

Meanwhile, revealing messages from the "white elephant" begin to fall on the phones of the students at the school. First, Hasan and Ozan are exposed. Then it will be Kanat and Melisa's turn. Meanwhile, Leyla disappears. Suna runs away from home and takes shelter in Derviş's house. She sees something terrible in the house. Are all these events connected?

With its extraordinary story, the Duy Beni series, which is expected to mark the end of summer, 15th episode will be released on Thursday, October 13, 2022. Read Also All Episode of Duy Beni (Hear to Me)

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  1. I really can't wait every week for a new release episode. Can't wait to see how kanat become jealous of ekim and atesh..Keep it getting on my nerves though love you both ekim and kanat. October here is waving

  2. How many episodes are released in a week?