Episode 6 Aldatmak (Deception): Trailer And Summary

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The new 6th episode trailer of Aldatmak (Deception) has been released, In the end episode; The information Oltan has gained against the Yenersoy Family is increasing and it is starting to become dangerous. What happen in the episode on October 27th?

The first trailer was released before the new episode of Atv's popular TV series Aldatmak. "Did you suffer while deceiving us?" words struck. Here is the 5th episode trailer of Deception, starring Ercan Kesal, Vahide Perçin and Mustafa Uğurlu...

"Did you suffer while deceiving us?" The determination of Güzide, who is looking for ways to save Oylum, affects Sezai. Having reached the judge who is handling the case, Güzide seems to have found a way to have Oylum brought to trial pending trial.

For Güzide, who is at war with the other front to save Oylum, the price of her brave move will be very heavy. Ozan, who accidentally stabbed Kaan, falls into Oltan's hands with the conscientious burden of a murder he did not commit. Oltan, on the one hand, befriends the Yenersoy Family, on the other hand, he stacks up against the family. Oylum, who has become close to Tolga and still does not give up her dream of going to America, tries to resist her feelings.

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When Yeşim, who is intoxicated with power, cannot get what she wants, she becomes hostile to Güzide. Yeşim's daring moves cause Güzide to get into a difficult situation in her business life. Tarık, who witnessed this side of the woman he fell in love with for the first time, will have to face the consequences of his decisions in both his private and professional life.

What happen in the end episode?

When Güzide reacts to Oylum's prison sentence, she finds herself in custody. A judicial war breaks out between the Judge and the Yenersoy Family. In this process, Güzide receives great support from Sezai. Among those who make great efforts to save himself, there is also a name he did not expect. After an emotional moment with Tolga, everything becomes more complicated for Oylum, who tries to control her emotions. In the midst of all this, Oylum is in danger of being exposed as a result of his carelessness.

Having come to a dead end, Ozan tells Oltan everything. The information Oltan has gained against the Yenersoy Family is increasing and it is starting to become dangerous. While Tarık struggles to maintain balance in his private life, Yeşim is ready to do much more to attract his attention again.

Aldatmak Episode 6 Trailer 

"Your son was attacked, we don't know if he's dead or not."

Aldatmak Episode 6 Summary

The conflict of interest with Oltan puts Güzide in a difficult position. Güzide is aware that if she does not compromise her strong stance against injustice, Oltan will not close this issue easily. Ozan, who is in debt, is stuck in a corner due to the pressures of both the usurer and Lara and Kaan. Although Lara warns Kaan against the threat of Oltan, Kaan does not listen to this warning and forces Lara to make a dangerous move against Ozan. 

This move will have difficult but unexpected results for Ozan. Unable to withstand Yeşim's insistence, Tarık invites Oylum to meet Öykü in his new home. Although Oylum wants to fix her relationship with her father, she is hesitant to go to Yeşim's house. Oylum, who cannot afford to betray her mother, will cause her life to turn upside down with her sudden decision.

Aldatmak (Deception) Episode 6 will be on ATV on Thursday, October 27th at 08 P.M!. Read Also All Episode of Aldatmak (Deception)

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