Final 17th Episode of Gül Masalı (The Tale of Rose): Turkish Drama

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The final 17th episode trailer of Gül Masalı (The Tale of Rose) has been released! In the final episode; Gonca, who received the news of the wedding of Toprak and Ece, realized that she was at a crossroads. 

Gül Masalı 17th Final Episode Trailer has been published on our website in HD quality. The new episode of Gül Masalı series, which is watched with great excitement on ATV screens, will be with you on Sunday evening, October 16, at 08 P.M.

"My son is running out, Gonca! Forgive my son, forgive me…" Will Gül Masalı, starring the popular actors of our country such as Gülper Özdemir and Erdem Kaynarca, be published this week? Here are 17th episode trailer and episode summary of Gül Masalı ....

Realizing that she has been unfair to Toprak, Gonca decides to ask her forgiveness and to start everything from where they left off. However, he is unaware of Ece's sneaky game. And this time, what he saw was not the kind of thing he could ever accept. Toprak no longer has a single word to say to Gonca. Learning that Toprak and Ece are together, the Doctor, Ali, Nurbanu and Fatma Ana are literally shocked. While they all support Gonca, they take a front against Toprak. Canan understands that Ece will never leave the Atabeys. Contemplating how to get out of this situation, Canan and Halil are unaware that a worse surprise awaits them.

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Gül Masalı Plot Story

Gül Masalı series, directed by Sadullah Şentürk and written by Aybars Bora and Dilek Aydoğdu, is coming to leave its mark on the summer season. Gül Masalı series, starring Arif Pişkin, the star of Bandit (EDHO) series, and Gülper Özdemir, Erdem Kaynarca and Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu, is eagerly awaited by the audience.

The shooting of the Pastel Film signed Gül Masalı series, which will be broadcast on ATV screens in the summer season, started last week in Isparta. The first presentation of Gül Masalı series, which attracts attention with its interesting story and strong cast, has been published. The love of Toprak and Gonca will be told in the series, which is expected to be published in the first episode in June. 

Gül Masalı, a series full of pathetic and drama, seems to be different from other entertaining summer series. The cast of the highly anticipated series includes names such as Sarp Can Köroğlu, Bülent Düzgünoğlu, Gülçin Hatıhan, Serdem Paçal, Yağmur Başkurt, Mehmet Şeker, Suat Sungur, Sait Genay, Tuğba Tutuğ, Murat Ercanlı, Turan Selçuk Yerlikaya and Serdem Paçal.

Gül Masalı Episode 17 Trailer [Final]

What happen in the final 17th episode?

For Toprak, who thinks that she has lost Gonca forever, everything has lost its meaning. He tells his family that he will marry Ece. Rifat is pleased that his grandson has finally shown an attitude befitting the Atabeys. Halil and Canan, on the other hand, were extremely disturbed by this development. The good news that Ece and her mother Belgin have been waiting for a long time has finally arrived. Ece, who got into the wedding mood right away, does not miss the opportunity to hurt Gonca. On the other hand, Belgin takes Rıfat into her hands. Seeing that Belgin is a great danger to their families, Halil and Canan are aware of how unhappy Toprak is. 

They no longer agree with their son's marriage to someone he does not love. They are ready to do anything to prevent this marriage. Gonca, who received the news of the wedding of Toprak and Ece, realized that she was at a crossroads. Her father Tahir also supports Gonca, who is on the verge of a very difficult decision. Will Canan and Halil be able to dissuade Gonca from her decision? Will Rifat, who insists on Toprak's marriage, be able to see the truth? What kind of life awaits Gonca and Toprak from now on?

The highly anticipated Gül Masalı 17th episode on ATV screens on October 16th. Sadullah Şentürk sits in the director's chair of Gül Masalı. Aybars Bora Kahyaoğlu writes the script of Gül Masalı. Read Also All Episode of Gül Masalı (The Tale of Rose)

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