Seversin Final Episode: A Tale of Love Is Continues

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In the final 20th episode of Seversin, which aired on Monday, October 10, 2022, Asya and Tolga are coming together for a new series after the breakup!

In the final episode viewing screen Seversin's new project of Tolga and Asya made its mark. Tolga becomes the head of his father's production company and the name of the first script is "Seversin". Asya is offered this role and they realize that they cannot break up with Tolga. Here is Seversin 20th last episode viewing screen and summary of the final episode for those who missed it and want to watch it again.

The tale of love continues with the "Seversin" series!

Seversin 20th episode viewing screen was released after the final episode. Seversin, the TV series of Kanal D, which has been watched with great interest since the day it came to the screen, said goodbye to its fans by making the final on Monday, October 10th. Ending his screen adventure with the 20th episode, Seversin's kidnapping of Tolga by Asya and putting Asia's relations to the test causes a new crossroads between the two; The reunion of lovers with Tolga's project left its mark on the screens. 

seversin final episode
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Seversin's final episode was released in one piece. In the last episode of Seversin, which met with its fans on Kanal D screens, Nesrin and Kadir decided to crown their love for each other with marriage, while Tolga became the head of his father's production company and the name of the first script was "Seversin". While Asia was offered this role, it was the striking development of the final moment that the two names gave their relationship a chance again.

What happen in the final episode of Seversin? 

Although Tolga is pleased with Asya's kidnapping of Tolga, the fact that Asya puts their relations to the test and wants to do this under the conditions of nature upsets Tolga. Yes, she said she would give up on everything, but she didn't think it would be out of her comfort zone.

In the middle of the desert, the two of them struggle for life on the one hand, and on the other hand, they get closer to each other than ever before. However, Tolga's move to return home and continue this relationship test on his own terms stumbles upon him. After this move that separates the two from each other, they both decide to go their own way. And they live happily ever after... Read Also All Episode of Seversin (You Love It)

Seversin Final Episode Scene "A Tale of Love"

Who are the players of Seversin?

In the cast of Seversin; Nergis Kumbasar, Zeynep Kankonde, Ceren Taşçı, Ozan Dağgez, Halil İbrahim Kurum, İlkin Tüfekçi, Ergül Miray Şahin, Hazal Benli, Atakan Yılmaz, Ceren Yıldırım, Elif Çapkın, Yağmur Gurur and Finally Şahin.

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