Watch The Trailer Promotion of Toprak Ile Fidan: Here Is The Release Date

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What is the synopsis of the Turkish Series Toprak Ile Fidan? Who are the actors? When will the series be released? Watch the trailer promotion here.... 

The first trailer for the TV series Toprak ile Fidan has been released. The audience who wanted to watch the series wondered about the subject and the actors of the series.  Star TV's upcoming series Toprak Ile Fidan's synopsis and casts are curious. So, what is the story of the series Toprak and Fidan, who are the players? Where is the filming location? Here are the details...

Toprak Ile Fidan Plot Story

The Turkish Series "Toprak Ile Fidan", which will soon be on Star screens, was produced by OGM Pictures and Stellar Productions. Eray Koçak and Burcu Bayram Dursun direct the series, whose screenplay was written by Ahmet Koseoglu, Gokcen Eroglu, Inan Gungoren, Can Ozdemir, Banu Ozyurek and Nur Kıymac. Read Also All Episode of Toprak Ile Fidan

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Fidan and Toprak characters in the series have to separate from each other as a result of an accident. Fidan and Toprak are two young people who love each other very much. The love of Toprak and Fidan, whose reunion is thought impossible, will be transferred to the audience on Star TV.

Toprak Ile Fidan Release Date

The series Toprak and Fidan will begin on Star TV soon. The series will be on screens every weekday.

Toprak Ile Fidan Players

Hazal Adıyaman and Osman Aydın will star in the lead roles in the TV series Toprak and Fidan. It is not yet known who the other players are.

Toprak Ile Fidan Trailer Promotion

Detail of Toprak Ile Fidan

Channel: Star TV

Broadcasting Platform: Television

Genre: Drama, love

Starring: Hazal Adıyaman (Fidan), Osman Aydin(Toprak)

Broadcast Day: Weekdays -

Broadcast Time:

New Episode Date: October 2022

Production Company: OGM Pictures, Stellar Production

Director: Eray Koçak, Burcu Bayram Dursun

Screenplay: Ahmet Koseoglu, Gokcen Eroglu, Inan Gungoren, Can Ozdemir, Banu Ozyurek, Nur Kıymac

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