Episode 12 Aldatmak (Deception): Trailer And Summary

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The new 12nd episode trailer of Aldatmak (Deception) has been released, In the end episode; Knowing that Öykü is very affected and upset by the situation, Tarık hesitates to keep his daughter away from her mother. What happen in the episode on December 8th?

ATV's popular series Deception finally appeared in front of the audience with its 11th episode. After the highly acclaimed episode, the highly anticipated 11th episode 2nd trailer was released. The trailer in question was marked by the words "Your girlfriend was cuckolding you today". 

"The real liar is your daughter..."

Guzide is a distinguished, respected family court judge. She is an honest and principled woman who has saved many marriages from destruction, made sure that many children receive the affection and love they deserve, and has always been on the side of justice. She thinks that they are an exemplary family with her husband and two children, that they live an honorable life, and that the rest of their marriage will pass in usual love, happiness and peace. One day, a loop that Güzide pulled by chance moves forward like a stocking and she begins to understand that her happy family is not a warm home, but a sand castle.

aldatmak episode 12
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In the cast of Aldatmak, Vahide Perçin, Ercan Kesal, Mustafa Uğurlu, Cem Bender, Yusuf Çim, Caner Şahin, Feyza Sevil Güngör, Asena Girişken, Cem Sürgit, Meltem Baytok, Hatice Deniz, Burcu Söyler, Merve Altınkaya, Kerem Müsligil, Esin Alpogan , Neyra Kayabaşı, Burak Acar, Arda Atak, Canan Ürekil, Batuhan Sel, Masal Ayşe Gencer, Ege Semih Erken, Eda Özel.

What happen in the end episode?

Tarık wants to take Öykü and go and teach Yeşim. The only place where he can be comfortable with his daughter is the house that Ozan left. Knowing that Öykü is very affected and upset by the situation, Tarık hesitates to keep his daughter away from her mother. While Oylum receives news that will make him very happy, he also faces disappointment.  While he is afraid to confess the truth to his mother, Tolga's tolerance for living in the shadow of these lies is gradually decreasing. Ozan, who finally put his life back on track, moves in with his mother again. 

While trying to tell Oltan about an adverse situation he noticed at work, he catches Oltan alone with Yeşim. What will Ozan do with this information that will change the balance again when he emerges? Güzide, who is trying to get over the bad days and be happy with her family, tries to be more understanding towards her family. Although he is curious about the past of Sezai, who is always a supporter, he is afraid to ask some questions. In the eleventh episode of Deception, the surprise that the Yenersoy brothers encounter by chance and the decision they make as a result will again affect the whole family. But what will be the reaction of Güzide, whom everyone fears, to this decision?

Aldatmak Episode 12 Trailer 

"What do you know about Tarik's fortune?"

Aldatmak Episode 12 Summary

Güzide is completely destroyed when Oylum's lies are revealed. With the fullness of what has happened to her for months, and when it is Yeşim who reveals the truth, she shows Oylum the reaction she did not even show to Tarık. While Oylum regrets not confessing the truth, her anger towards Yeşim, who caused everything, grows. So much so that the lesson he gives to Yeşim surprises even his closest relatives. As if what has happened to him is not enough, the bad surprises that come his way continue.  Oylum's experiences change all the balances in her life and become the beginning of a new era in her life. 

No matter what happens, Ozan supports both his brother and his mother throughout this process. It greatly improves the communication between him and Tolga. Ozan is afraid of what will happen to him when his mother, who disowned Oylum, learns the truth about him. Tarık, who sees Yeşim's true face with all its nakedness, can no longer tolerate her. His sadness for betraying Güzide and destroying his family is multiplied. But what really scares him are the moves from Güzide. Because Tarık's lies do not end only with his second family. In the twelfth episode of Deception, everyone will take surprising steps that go beyond their limits, along with anger and greed for revenge!

Aldatmak (Deception) Episode 12 will be on ATV on Thursday, December 8th at 08 P.M!. Read Also All Episode of Aldatmak (Deception)

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