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Episode 2 Kadere Karşı (Against Destiny): Trailer And Summary

The daily series "Kadere Karşı", which will meet with the audience on TV8 screens every weekday, will be on TV8 with its 2nd episode on Tuesday, November 8, at 03 P.M. Another move that surprised the audience came from TV8, which took successive steps in 2022 on the synopsis of the series.

Kadere Karşı New 2nd Episode Trailer on Tuesday, November 8 ... Kadere Karşı is meeting with the audience with its brand new episodes aired on TV8. Against Destiny, which will win everyone's attention and admiration, will lock the audience on the screen. Against Fate is on TV8 every weekday at 03 P.M.

Kadere Karşı 2nd Episode released on Tuesday November 8th. The trailer will be on our page as soon as it is published. Here are 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Kadere Karşı ....

kadere karsi episode 2
Image Via @TV 8

What happen in the end episode?

The Sultan, who last saw his daughter when she was three years old, is struggling with the longing to meet her. He did everything that mothers whose children were abducted did, but could not find any trace of his daughter. Until fate brings his daughter in front of him by a coincidence twenty years later... But neither does the daughter know who she is, nor does the Sultan know that she is his lost daughter. The Sultan continues to suffer without knowing that his son is in front of his eyes every day.

On the other hand; After meeting İlyas, Doğa begins to step out of the life like a bell that Gazel, whom she knows as her mother, has set up for her. On the one hand, Gazel, who does not hesitate to add new sins to her sins, on the other hand, her husband Yiğit, who can no longer bear the burden of these sins. The price of going against fate is heavy for everyone.

Kadere Karşı Plot Story

Sultan loses his 2-year-old daughter. That day, Sultan's pain turns into another mother's happiness. A week ago, Gazel lost his daughter, who was the same age, in a traffic accident, and kidnapped the little girl who had come out of the forest instead of her own daughter. The Sultan searched for his daughter for years, and his family was thrown away because of her pain. Destiny brings the two women together after 18 years. The two families are inextricably linked.

Kadere Karşı Episode  2 Trailer

Kadere Karşı Episode  2 Summary

Kadere Karşı (Against Destiny) Episode 2 will begin broadcasting on TV 8 screens on Tuesday, November 8th. Read Also All Episode of  Kadere Karşı (Against Destiny)

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