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Episode 20 Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar): Trailer And Summary

The new 20th episode trailer of Tozlu Yaka has been released; In the end episode; Derya, who believes that Kenan is sick, helps him from a humane place, while causing Önder to misunderstand. What happen in the episode on monday, November 13rd?

It is wondered what will happen in the new episode of the Tozluyaka series broadcast on Fox TV screens. Watch episode 20 of Tozlu Yaka released on November 13rd. Watch the new episode trailer of Tozlu Yaka.

The series titled Tozlu Yaka, which adorns the screens with new episodes on Sunday evenings, continues to attract attention from the series lovers. Researches about the series, which attracted attention with its success in the ratings, have also intensified.

episode 20 Tozluyaka
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The 20th episode trailer of Tozluyaka, which met with the series lovers with its 19th episode on Sunday, November 6th, has also been a subject of great curiosity and is being investigated. Here is the 20th episode trailer of the excitedly researched series, which will be released on November 13th. Here are 20th episode trailer and episode summary of Tozlu Yaka ......

What happen in the end episode?

All young people have fallen into a game. As you spend, the last victims of the accident are the Aegean and the Arab. They can only save one person. But which one? It's not an election, it's a war. In the end, there will be no winner. The door to new hostilities will be opened again. Derya, who believes that Kenan is sick, helps him from a humane place, while causing Önder to misunderstand. But upsetting or even losing Önder is the last thing he wants. This time Derya will take a step.

Tozlu Yaka Episode 20 Trailer 

Tozlu Yaka Episode 20 Summary

Turning the lie of illness into reality is a great destruction for Kenan. His fears and anger have come to the fore and he is in a state of panic. He had a tremendous effect on everyone around him. There is a cure for his illness, and someone has to pay for it. While Mavi and Duru show the biggest reaction to Arap and Ali, who oppose Çağrı and Zeyno's relationship, they fall into a situation woven with misunderstandings.

Children and their families caught in the midst of resentments, fears and anger… While it ends happily for some; for others, it culminates in a major decision where they will be forced to make choices that will change their lives.

The 20th episode of Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar), which will meet with the audience on FOX TV screens released on November 13th. Read Also All Episode of Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar)

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