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The new 27th episode of Baba (The Father) has been released! In the end episode; With the surprising information they learned from Kadir, the people of trashköy increase the dose of their struggle against Selahattin. What happen in the episode on December 6th?

Baba 27th new episode trailer images have been released. In this week's episode of the Baba series, where a new adventure is experienced every week, the events do not stop. One of the most watched action series in Turkey, Baba 27th new episode trailer, images and summary are in our news.

The 27th new episode trailer of the Baba series has already attracted great attention. The tension increases in the 27th episode of Baba, which draws attention with its strong cast and story. The 27th new episode trailer of the series Baba, which has been watched with great interest since the first day it was published, will be talked about a lot this week.

An unexpected move comes from Selahattin as the people of Garbage are trying to fight against Selahattin and stand up stronger. A surprise name, faced with a completely different reality after the epidemic rumors, tries to fix this situation. After learning who is behind Selahattin, İlhan comes into a deep reckoning with his past.

baba episode 27
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The conflict between Kadir and Selahattin rose to the line stage. Kadir began to take revenge on everyone who persecuted people in trash and Muhsin was his first target. Kadir, who started to be a nightmare for Selahattin, turned into the secret hero of the people of trash. On the other hand, while people were no longer listening to Selahattin's words, Emin Saruhanlı gained love and trust. The solidarity started by the Saruhanlı family turned into hope.

After his doctor called and warned him, İlhan realized that there was toxic waste in the barrels that Selahattin had buried in the ground. Selahattin, who couldn't help himself in the face of İlhan's reaction, missed the words that would explain Begüm. İlhan was shocked when he learned that Begüm was behind Selahattin. While İlhan confronted Begüm, Begüm showed her true face by threatening İlhan. He found the vulnerability of Verdana Group by getting information from İlhan's former employee. Faced with the danger of losing everything, it was a matter of curiosity how İlhan would get out of this situation. 

Ahmet set a trap to kill Kadir. Because Kadir thought that Büşra was in danger, he went to the place where Ahmet set a trap. When Ahmet locked Kadir in the slaughterhouse where he filled gas and started the electric circuit, there was a big explosion. While Ahmet thought that Kadir had died inside, Kadir got rid of Ahmet's ambush and made a big surprise in the final. Here are 27th episode trailer and episode summary of Baba ....

What happen in the end episode?

Kadir, who is trying to solve an event that brings everyone's heart to his mouth, encounters a different reality. As the rapprochement between İlhan and Büşra increases, the emergence of an unexpected secret suddenly changes everything. With the surprising information they learned from Kadir, the people of trashköy increase the dose of their struggle against Selahattin. Selahattin, who made the calculation of a plan that no one expected, upsets all the balances. Acting with a message from a surprise name, Begüm finds herself in a situation she never expected.

Baba (The Father) Episode 27 Trailer 

In the promotion where Kadir accuses Selahattin during the interrogation, the police corner Selahattin. While İlhan and Büşra were having a hard time during the interrogation, the police said to Kadir, "Confess, save your brother!" it is noteworthy. "Who will be Begum's murderer?" The answer to the question is eagerly awaited.

Baba (The Father) Episode 27 Summary

When Selahattin speaks with a surprise name, all secrets are revealed one by one. The workers, who resisted the injustice with the strike that started in Döşemeköy, are determined not to take a step back. Firuze puts herself in danger while trying to save Kadir from a trap. Cornered by an unexpected threat, Selahattin takes action to implement the plan in his mind. Shocked by the information he has learned, İlhan comes to the brink of a decision that could lead him and Büşra to great harm.

Baba (The Father) is on Show TV with its 27th episode on Tuesday December 6th at 8 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Baba (The Father)

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