Episode 3 Toprak Ile Fidan: Trailer And Summary

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The 3rd episode trailer of Toprak Ile Fidan has been released! In the end episode; Halide is one of the two people who know the truth, and unable to suppress her sense of guilt any longer, she goes to Fidan with Toprak to tell the truth. What happen in the episode on November 2nd?

Toprak ile Fidan Episode 3 New Episode One Piece Watch Wednesday, November 2!... Toprak ile Fidan series broadcast on Star TV is meeting with the audience. The daily series Toprak and Fidan, which the audience is curious about, will win everyone's attention and admiration. The series Toprak and Fidan, which will lock the viewers on the screen with both its plot and its cast, is on Star TV every weekday at 07 P.M.

The daily series "Toprak ile Fidan", which will soon be on Star screens, was produced by OGM Pictures and Stellar Productions. Eray Koçak and Burcu Bayram Dursun direct the series, whose screenplay was written by Ahmet Koseoglu, Gokcen Eroglu, Inan Gungoren, Can Ozdemir, Banu Ozyurek and Nur Kıymac.

episode 3 toprak ile fidan
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Star TV's daily series Toprak Ile Fidan became a rival to Emanet on Kanal 7! Who is ahead in the rating? Although the TV series Toprak and Fidan, which appeared on Star and starring Hazal Adıyaman and Osman Aydın, could not get a successful rating in the first episode, it became the agenda in the social media. The fate of Toprak Ile Fidan series, which are rivals to the Emanet series, will be determined in the coming days. While it is observed that the ratings of the two series are almost the same, the result is eagerly awaited.

The daily series Toprak Ile Fidan, even if it is news time, has taken a bold step. The series Toprak ile Fidan, which has a high dose of intrigue and drama, came to the screen with its first episode on Monday, October 31st. The first episode ratings of the series starring Hazal Adıyaman and Osman Aydın are not very satisfactory.

Fans of the series may not be aware of the project yet, a few weeks of results will provide more useful data. However, the series, which was twenty-fourth in the all-person category in the first episode ratings on Monday, achieved thirty-third place in the EU, and twenty-fifth in ABC1.

Toprak Ile Fidan Episode 3 Trailer

"Will you marry me, Fidan?"

Toprak Ile Fidan Episode 3 Summary

They imprison Fidan, who kidnapped Burak and has no choice but to meet with Ercan. Although Fidan finds a way to escape with Burak, Ercan and his men follow them. Toprak tries to reach Burak by tracking. With his arrival, a quarrel takes place in the forest.

Toprak Ile Fidan Episode 3 will be on Star on Tuesday, November 2nd at 07 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Toprak Ile Fidan

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