Episode 4 Darmaduman (Smashed): Trailer And Summary

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The new 4th episode trailer of Darmaduman (Smashed) has been released. In the end episode; Shaken by their father's accident, Kerem and Ece start looking for a part-time job to support their father while dealing with these problems. What happen in the episode on November 19th?  

The new youth series of FOX TV screens, Darmaduman, managed to become one of the remarkable productions in a short time. Starring successful names such as Mert Yazıcıoğlu, Hafsanur Sancaktutan, Aslıhan Malbora, Aytaç Şaşmaz, Nur Fettahoğlu and Necip Memili, the series comes to the audience with a new episode every Thursday. The highly anticipated new episode trailer of the series has been released. Here is the trailer and summmary for the fourth episode of Darmaduman...

"If We Get Too Close, It Will Get Too Big" In the end part of Darmaduman; Ece and Kerem crashed into Yağız's car. When this is the case, the duo suddenly finds themselves in the police station and they both think about how to cover the damage and look for a solution to get their scholarship back. When Ece and Kerme get stuck, they ask Derin, Evren, Görkem and Simla for help. Derin is forced to choose between herself and Kerem.

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After Derin's choice, an irreversible path is opened for everyone. Yağız will make the whole family, especially Harun, pay the price of hitting his car. The highly anticipated new episode trailer of Darmaduman has been released. Here is Darmaduman 4th episode trailer and episode summary;

What Happened in the end Episode?

Shaken by their father's accident and thinking that Yağız was involved in this accident, Kerem and Ece start looking for a part-time job to support their father while dealing with these problems. Ece encounters the bitter side of life on the first day of her working life. Will it be Evren that protects and takes care of Ece from the dead end she is in?

While the first winds of flirtation are blowing between Kerem and Ece and their friends Derin and Evren, whom he met in Istanbul, each character faces the emotional obstacles from their past. On the road where friendship turns into love, everyone's own test awaits.

Darmaduman (Smashed) Episode 4 Trailer 

"Can't You Embarrass Me More?"

Darmaduman (Smashed) Episode 4 Summary

While Kerem is devastated by what Yagiz said, Ece has feelings of gratitude towards Evren who saved her. Meanwhile, Evren heavily pays the penalty for his actions to protect Ece. Returning home with mixed feelings, the twins still cling to the strict rules of the grandfather's house. This time it is Harun's reaction that surprises them. Derin's move to make up for his mistake causes Yağız to get nervous. In the meantime, Evren takes a small and sweet trip that will relax and make him happy. 

Feeling bad for what she did, Derin opens up to Kerem with all her truth. Harun and Beliz continue their efforts to find a job as soon as possible. Kerem, who wants to teach Yağız one last lesson with all his anger, cooperates with Evren. The counterattack from Yağız's front will give Derin a hard time. This will be the beginning of a new close friendship. While Yağız is shocked by the "work" of Kerem and Evren, Derin, who returns home happy, will encounter an unexpected surprise...

Darmaduman, adapted from 'Beverly Hills 90210' by Ay Yapım Production for FOX, starts tonight. The 4th episode of which was broadcast on Thursday, November 19, are of great interest. Read Also All Episode of Darmaduman (Smashed)

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