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Episode 5 Tuzak (The Trap): Trailer And Summary

The new 5th episode trailer of Tuzak (The Trap) has been released! In the end episode; Ceren goes to meet the families of the people whose death her father caused in the ship scandal. What happen in the episode on November 16th?

Tuzak is a drama Turkish television series co-produced by Fabrika Yapım and Acun Medya, the first episode of which was broadcast on October 19, 2022, directed by Aytaç Çiçek, and written by Eylem Canpolat, Ayşenur Şık and Ali Yörükoğlu. Has Tuzak 5th episode trailer released? Is Tuzak new 5th episode trailer is out? What will happen in the new episode of Tuzak?

Tuzak (The Trap) Plot Story

Tuzak is the story of a man who has sworn to take revenge on a rich and powerful family who changed the fate of his family, as well as avenging all those who have been wronged. In the face of the destructive revenge plan, which has been worked on for years to the smallest detail, the smart and strong daughter of the enemy will turn into a riddle.

Ceren is in despair. Produced by ACUNMEDYA and Fabrika Yapım, with Aytaç Çiçek sitting in the director's chair, the script is; Eylem Canpolat is on TV8 on Wednesday evening with the 4th episode of Trap, written by Ayşenur Şık and Ali Yörükoğlu. Here are 5th episode trailer ad episode summary of Tuzak ...

episode 5 tuzak
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What happen in the end episode?

Demir tries to protect his reputation, but is destroyed by the scandal in the live broadcast. And now he has to look for ways not to go to jail before his reputation. For this, he asks Umut to solve the case. Umut and his siblings make important moves to amplify Demir's fear and paranoia. Hope will enable Demir's destroyed conscience to awaken by establishing an empire of fear! Umut believes that peaceful days have begun for himself and his family. Because while the plan to destroy the Silvermoons was working exactly as he wanted; The secrets he learns about his family shake him deeply.

Ceren goes to meet the families of the people whose death her father caused in the ship scandal. There, he learns of the existence of a mysterious man. Then he confronts his father's being a bad person and does not know how to repair the wounds that his father has inflicted on other people and in his family; It makes Ceren feel sad and helpless. At the same time, he tries to piece together the pieces of information he learned about Umut with the help of Şeker. But the biggest blow to Ceren will come from her father. And no matter how much Umut tries to stay away from Ceren, he will choose to be with her in the most important moment when she needs compassion. Umut and Ceren gradually get closer to each other by heart.

Tuzak (The Trap) Episode 5 Trailer

Tuzak (The Trap) Episode 5 Summary

While Umut (Akın Akınözü) is shaken to learn that his family has received blood money; He collapses in the face of another unexpected confession of Mahir. Mahir is left alone with his conscience, thinking that he has jeopardized the plan and betrayed Umut. Umay (Eylül Su Sapan) is affected by both the fear of the emergence of Güven and the crisis experienced by the family, and gradually moves away from the plan and harms herself. While Umay's logic wants to get away from Güven, her heart never says the same thing. Demir (Talat Bulut), with his fears activating him; He has a critical meeting with former prosecutor Halil, who helped him cover up the murders. 

And now, for Demir, the "Yörükoğlu" file has been reopened. Ceren (Bensu Soral) decides to overthrow her father to prevent his father's uncontrolled departure that puts the company in danger. He tells this thought to his brothers and expects them to be with him. At the same time, this is an important moment that will make Güven (Rıza Kocaoğlu), Mete (Yağız Can Konyalı) and Ceren feel that they are brothers again... But, as always, Mete reveals all of Ceren's plans to her father. Demir takes a very positive approach towards Ceren as if he did not know anything. But this behavior is Demir's calm before the storm! 

As Ceren's suspicions about Umut increase, her feelings intensify at the same rate. So they both continue the game of chess to avoid a deficit. But their hearts have already become "matte" to each other... Gülce continues to push Ali (Onur Durmaz) into a corner. In Umut, while looking for ways to get Ali out of the security; Demir is preparing a very dangerous trap for Ali in the background. This trap; it will change all the balances and redistribute the cards!

The new 5th episode of Tuzak (The Trap) series, which will be watched with great admiration on TV8 screens, is on November 16th. Read Also All Episode of Tuzak (The Trap)

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