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Episode 56 Teşkilat (The Agency): Trailer And Summary

In the end episode of Teşkilat (The Agency) series; What will Ömer do when he learns that the person he is traveling with is one of Halim's murderers? The new 56th episode trailer of Teşkilat has been released! What happen in the episode on November 20th. 

Teşkilat 56th episode trailer has been published on our website quickly. The new 56th episode of the Teşkilat series, which was watched with great admiration on TRT 1 screens, will be with you on Sunday, November 20, at 08 P.M.

Will Teşkilat, starring the popular actors of our country such as Deniz Baysal and Çağlar Ertuğrul, be released this week? The final trailer of the series has been added to the page! You can find out what will happen in the series, each episode of which is eagerly awaited, from this page, which we frequently update.

episode 56 teskilat
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What happen in the end episode?

Ömer and Zehra are about to ignite a dangerous operation! Continuing with his plan with determination, Hartley's next step is revealed: to put Turkey in trouble in the international arena and to support the terrorist state! Ömer and Zehra, who set out on a difficult journey to find the location of the ammunition they learned to be in Turkey, have no choice but to succeed! 

On the other hand, as the tension of Efkar's deciphering continues, Ömer gets a clue about the person who saved him. Korkut's secret journey from Efkar will cause new balances to emerge between the two. While the operation carried out by Ömer and Zehra to find out the location of the ammunition continues, what will Ömer do when he learns that the person he is traveling with is one of Halim's murderers?

Teşkilat (The Agency) Episode 56 Trailer 

Teşkilat (The Agency) Episode 56 Summary  

With Ömer's move, the operation has to change shape. Carrying out his plan step by step, Hartley is about to reach his goal. Having no choice but to seize the ammunition, Ömer and Zehra put up a dangerous and relentless struggle against time in the field. Omar, who draws Hartley's suspicion on himself, is forced to take an exam where he will be dragged to the brink of being deciphered. As a result of this exam, Hartley's demand gives Ömer the shock of his life. Efkar and Korkut's move to end everything ignites the fuse of a great war. While the tension in the Organization is getting high and the ropes are tense, Zehra's pursuit of the person who deciphered the team will lead to big changes!

The 56th episode of TRT 1's new series, Teşkilat (The Agency), aired on Sunday, November 20th, 2022. Read Also All Episode of Teşkilat (The Agency)

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