Episode 57 Camdaki Kız (The Girl In The Glass): Trailer and Summary

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Watch the new 57th episode trailer of Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Window) in full! In the end episode; Feride makes a new plan to save Nalan and Sedat's marriage. So what What happen in the episode on November 17th?

Adapted from Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu's novel of the same name, Camdaki Kız is the subject of a true love story, locking the audience on television with its episodes. Successful actors such as Burcu Biricik, Feyyaz Şerifoğlu, Devrim Yakut, Hande Ataizi, Selma Ergenç and Cihangir Ceyhan share the lead roles.

Is Nalan pregnant? In the end episode of Camdaki Kız; which released on Thursday, November 10th!, Nalan and Hayri were printed at home. While Sedat poses happily with Nalan to the journalists, the news of the baby falls on the agenda like a bomb. Gülcihan tells Feride that she knows that Feride is not Nalan's birth mother. Hayri, in fear, asks Nalan if she is pregnant.

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Selen and Muzo realized the forbidden love between Hayri and Nalan. Selen's arrival at Hayri's house in the last episode created great excitement. Gülcihan returns to the mansion she left. He does not want to leave the square to Feride. On the other hand, Rafet Koroğlu transfers the company to Emir. Sedat says he is expecting a baby with Nalan. So is Nalan pregnant?  Here are 57th episode trailer and episode summary of Camdaki Kız .....

What happen in the end episode?

Feride is making new plans for Nalan and Sedat. With a sudden change of decision, Gülcihan decides to fight for her marriage and returns home. Feride, on the other hand, makes a new plan to save Nalan and Sedat's marriage. The surprise that Hayri prepared for Nalan is ruined. Rafet will answer Emir, who wants to buy the hotel Rafet put up for sale, at dinner.

Camdaki Kız  Episode 57 Trailer 

Camdaki Kız  Episode 57 Summary

Hayri asks Nalan to decide. The whole family, especially Selen and Levent, are uncomfortable and object to Emir's partnership with the company, but Rafet does not back down from his decision. Watching Sedat's announcement that they will have a baby with Nalan, Cana gets mad and gives Sedat one last chance. If Sedat cannot fulfill this request, he will tell everything to Nalan. Hayri asks Nalan to make a clear decision now.

Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Window) 57th episode on Kanal D on Thursday, November 17th, 2022 at 08 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Glass)

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