Hayatımın Şansı (The Luck of My Life) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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A Title New Turkish Series From FOX; Hayatımın Şansı (The Luck of My Life). What is the Synopsis? Who are the actors actresses? What about their character?

FOX has entered the radar of series lovers by publishing a brand new promotion tonight. In addition to the series existing in the middle of the season, it is expected to introduce a new story full of drama. Although there is not much information about the series yet, Hayatımın Şansı will be on FOX soon. So what is the plot story of Hayatımın Şansı series, who are the casts? Here are the detail ....

FOX Turkey released the first promotion of Hayatımın Şansı series on its official Instagram account this evening. The details of the series, which we have not heard before, began to be wondered. There are many familiar names in the cast of the series, in which we see Şifanur Gül in the lead role. Aslı Samat, whom we know from Hercai, will appear in the series. Alican Yücesoy, who has achieved success with every production he took part in, will also appear on FOX screens.

hayatimin sansi synopsis
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Finally, İlker Kızmaz, who appeared in the TV series Yalancılar ve Mumları, will appear on the screen with Hayatımın Şansı. It is a matter of curiosity what kind of character the name we are accustomed to watching in history or serious series will portray.

Synopsis of Hayatımın Şansı

Yonca (Şifanur Gül) is a young mother in her mid-twenties trying to hold on to life with her youngest daughter Sare. On the one hand, she is struggling with the difficulties of life alone, on the other hand, she is dealing with the custody case of Sare's biological father. When everything hits a dead end, she receives a life-changing offer. Now a new life begins for Yonca. But he does not know; while escaping from the rain, it will be caught by hail…

All Episode of Hayatımın Şansı

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Episode 6   Episode 7   Episode 8   Episode 9   Episode 10

Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15

Episode 16 Episode 17 Episode 18 Episode 19 Episode 20

Trailer of Hayatımın Şansı

FOX TV's new series, Hayatımın Şansı, has passed away with its promotional video! 

Cemal Şan sits in the director's chair of the highly anticipated series signed by NTC Media. The script is written by Bekir Baran Sıtkı. The first presentation of the series, which will start shooting for broadcast on FOX TV screens, has been released. The presentation attracted a lot of attention. So, who are the other actors of the TV series "Hayatımın Şansı" directed by Cemal Şan and written by Bekir Baran Sıtkı?

Casts of Hayatımın Şansı

Şifanur Gül

Ali Can Yücesoy

Musa Uzunlar

Aslı Samat

Hale Soygazi

Erkan Avcı

Neslihan Arslan

Kemal Uçar

Aslıhan Kapanşahin

Tuğçe Yolcu

Toygun Elaldı

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