Kalbim Yaralı (My Heart Is Wounded) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Movie

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The shooting of the movie "Kalbim Yaralı (My Heart Is Wounded)" has begun. What is the synopsis of Kalbim Yaralı? Who are in the cast? Which channel and when will the series begin?

The shooting of the movie Kalbim Yaralı, which is about the life of the famous singer Murat Gogebakan, has started. Burak Sevinç's lead role in the movie about Murat Gögebakan's life

Kalbim Yaralı series is tell about the life of singer Murat Gogebakan, who passed away in 2014, was set on the set. The shooting of the movie, which will be played by Burak Sevinç and produced by Oğuz Sözen and Serkan Günay, started today.

kalbim yarali synopsis

Tuvana Türkay Will Join As A Player

After a long preparation period, after it was announced that the famous actor Burak Sevinç will play Murat Gogebakan in the past days, his partner who will accompany Sevinç has also been announced. Tuvana Türkay will appear in front of the audience with the character of Selma in the movie.

Kalbim Yaralı Release Date

In the film, the audience will be told about Gogebakan's clinging to life, meeting with music, exams with love, meeting with millions of people saying "I fell in love with you" and "I'm in love with you", and his farewell to his son and wife. Kalbim Yaralı will meet the audience in the first months of 2023!

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