Sad News! Baba (The Father) Series will end on episode 30!

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Baba (The Father) Makes Finals! Emin Bey Will Die, Baba Episode 30 Will End too! Will Baba make the Final? When will Baba series end? Unable to take a step forward against the ratings of Tuesday evenings, Baba's series made it say that it took so long thanks to Emin Bey, while Ay Yapım announced its final final decision.

While Baba series, which has not been able to rise to the top since last season despite its subject and successful cast, is struggling with the potential to make a final at any time, Ay Yapım announced that they did not want to end Haluk Bilginer's series. So, will Baba series make the finale? When Baba is the final episode? How many episodes will Baba series last?

How many episodes will Baba series last?

Baba series, which is on the screens tonight with its 25th episode, started in the middle of winter last month. All the TV series that started before him had a bone audience, and a small number of people were included in the TV series Baba.

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The allegations that the final episode of Baba series was clarified had been put forward in the past weeks. Despite the fact that it is such a successful actor and the subject is so beautiful, it has become clear when Baba series will make the final. Baba series will be on the screen with the final episode. So when will Baba series make its finale?

When will Baba make the final?

With the joint decision of Show TV and Ay Yapım at the last minute, we will call the final of the Baba series a near miss. EMin Bey, we will no longer be able to see Kadir Saruhanlı in the series. Garbage District will no longer exist and we will bid farewell to Büşra and İlhan's love. 

Baba series had already entered the new season with the comments of "bad start", and then it started to progress well with its course. However, its ratings did not make the audience happy. While all kinds of allegations were made about the Baba series, where the going was bad, it was said that Haluk Bilginer, a very masterful name with the character of Emin Bey, will say goodbye to the first series and then the series will make its final in the 30th 

In Baba series, Emin Bey will die before the final

While it is said that Emin Saruhanlı's fever and illness in the 25th episode of the Baba series proves these allegations true, it is said that the toxic wastes that İlhan buried in the garbage neighborhood will be the end of Emin Saruhanlı as well as the locals. In the series Baba, which will make the final in February, Emin Bey's claims that he will die by getting sick are getting stronger.

Last 5th episode to finals season

After the allegations that Baba series will make the final with the episode 30, eyes are turned to Ay Yapım, and it is said that Ay Yapım also approved Baba finale. In other words, Baba series will be on the screen with the last 5 episodes. Although there are many claims about what will happen in the finale of the Baba series, we will update our news as soon as it becomes clear. Read Also All Episode of Baba (The Father)

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