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Episode 1 Sipahi (The Soldier): Trailer And Summary

After TRT1's Teşkilat series, another series about the National Intelligence Organization starts on Show TV. The Sipahi series drew attention with its actors and subject. Here are all the details about the Sipahi series for those who are curious...

Sipahi series, which was presented to the audience on the Show TV screen, attracted attention with its subject and strong cast. Here are all the curious details about the Sipahi series. The script of the TV series Sipahi, produced by CNP Film, is written by Ali Doğançay, who also wrote the script for Poyraz Karayel. In the director's chair of the series, Hakan Inan, the director of Fatmagul'un Sucu Ne? and Kurt Seyit ve Şura series, sits.

The first episode trailer of Sipahi, starring Özge Gürel and Kaan Yıldırım, is being wondered and investigated by many people. The cast and story of the detective action series drew attention. Viewers frequently search for Sipahi first episode trailer during the day. Along with the first trailer, many people search for Sipahi first episode trailer. Many details about the series have become a matter of curiosity. 

episode 1 sipahi
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Sipahi Release Date

The first episode trailer of Sipahi series, which will soon meet with the audience on Show TV screens, has been released. The series will be aired on Show Tv on December 12, 2022

Sipahi Plot Story

As the subject of the Sipahi series, it deals with the events experienced by a talented team trained by the National Intelligence Organization. The series is about the country-wide issues in which one of the favorite members of the organization,Korkut Ali Türkoğlu, comes to the fore.

Sipahi Episode 1 Trailer

Sipahi Episode 1 Summary
Korkut Ali, a young, brave and talented agent trained by the National Intelligence Organization, is running for the country without hesitation. Ali, who is constantly putting himself in danger, reveals that a big conspiracy is being planned against Turkey in his new position. Thereupon, former intelligence officer Yıldırım Bozok, who is known as a legend in MIT, returns to duty. However, with this comeback, Yıldırım's past will follow him. Knowing that protecting the homeland is a matter of dignity, not a profession, Ali and Yıldırım must protect Turkey's future. In the shadow play played over Turkey by the ghosts, they will have to pull the curtain.

The intelligence agency took action under the leadership of Yıldırım Bozok (Kerem Alışık) against the dark force threatening the country. Read Also All Episode of Sipahi (The Soldier)

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