Episode 26 Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar): Trailer And Summary

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The new 26th episode trailer of Tozlu Yaka has been released; While all this was going on, Çağrı, who learned that Derya's marriage was an arranged marriage, is very regretful for what he said. What happen in the episode on monday, December 25th?

The popular youth series of FOX TV, Tozluyaka, continues at full speed. Starring successful names such as Emre Kınay, Dolunay Soysert, Tayanç Ayaydın, Begüm Birgören and Kaan Mirac Sezen, the series comes to the audience with a new episode every Sunday. The highly anticipated new episode trailer of the series has been released. Here is Tozluyaka 25th episode trailer and last episode summary...

If the Surgery Doesn't Stop, Your Mother Will Die. In the end episode of Tozluyaka; Berk, who is getting closer to Mavi every day, disturbs Ali. As Ali is disturbed, Berk's steps accelerate. Although Derya is offended by Önder, the first person she wants to see on the day of surgery is Önder. On the other hand, Önder, who is unaware of what happened, tries to make Derya forgive him, unaware of the plan prepared by Zeyno, Çağrı and Nesrin.

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On the one hand, Kenan forces Derya to have surgery, while Berk thinks that his father's plans will be fatal. That's why he wants to save Derya, but Kenan does not allow it. As Derya and Kenan's surgery begins, the news that Önder gives is most devastating to Ali. here are 26th episode trailer and episode summary of Tozlu Yaka .....  

What happen in the end episode?

Whatever Kenan does, the truth has a habit of coming out one day. This time he will play harder to get away. But Derya and Önder's love is stronger than all Kenan's games. Ali, on the other hand, caught the opportunity of his life in the midst of all these tensions. Football career abroad. But there is a big obstacle in front of him and that is Berk. With his anger and jealousy, Berk will go so far as to spend Ali.

While all this was going on, Çağrı, who learned that Derya's marriage was an arranged marriage, is very regretful for what he said. He is ashamed of Ali and Derya and intends to fix this situation. While dealing with all this, she thinks that her lover is getting away from her. However, Zeyno is running away because she can't tell the truth she learned. The secrets are now ready to be revealed. While Nesrin tries to silence Zeyno, she will find Derya in front of her.

Tozlu Yaka Episode 26 Trailer 

Tozlu Yaka Episode 26 Summary

Now everyone has learned everything. This call is a great destruction for me and he has no intention of ever forgive his mother. Her biggest supporter is Zeyno. Kenan, on the other hand, is against everyone, no matter how much he denies what he has done. He is losing, and this causes him to bring out the real evil in him. It starts the war.

The fight between Berk and Ali also makes Berk face the biggest truth about himself. Loneliness! When no one is around, she faces her pain and thinks that her presence hurts everyone. It's going step-by-step to the end. Kenan's anger grows in size. Even Nesrin's defection is the last straw for her. Derya will show her strength against Önder and the entire neighborhood. Swords are drawn, but it will end in blood. Another murder and another murderer. Who will die this time?


The 26th episode of Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar), which will meet with the audience on FOX TV screens released on December 25th. Read Also All Episode of Tozlu Yaka (The Dusty Collar)

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