Episode 29 Kasaba Doktoru (The Town Doctor): Trailer And Summary

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The new 29th episode trailer of Kasaba Doktoru (The Town Doctor) has been released. In the end episode; Despite all of Hakan's warnings, Leyla makes a mistake in the operation of a patient with whom she has an emotional bond, but the patient is saved with the help of Nazlı. What happen in the new episode on December 29th? 

The last episode of the Kasaba Doktoru is curious by his fans. The new episode of Kasaba Doktoru, which appeared on the screen with its 27th episode last week, will be broadcast tonight. So, what will happen in the new episode of Trt1's popular TV series, Kasaba Doktoru, when will it start? Here are the details about the series...

The lives of doctors and nurses are told in the series, starring Deniz Can Aktaş, Ozan Akbaba and Hazal Subaşı. Talented and promising Ömer, who decided to become a doctor after losing his father, and the legendary surgeon Hakan, who is dedicated to saving lives, cross paths in a town hospital far from the city. It talks about what happened.

While the people of Uluçınar are breathing a sigh of relief with the delivery of justice, Hakan is struggling with the problem in his hand, hidden from everyone. Neslihan is busy with both the inheritance case and saving Yalçın from jail. Berk, on the other hand, feels guilty about his father being shot and imprisoned.

kasaba doktoru episode 29
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Confession of love from Ömer to Leyla. 

The relationship between Leyla and Ömer comes to a head when Ömer is disturbed by the conversation with Leyla's patient. Trying to make himself forgiven, Ömer tries to win Leyla's heart by surprise. Later, they go to help Mine and Hakan, who are preparing a room for Zeynep. On the way home, Ömer makes Leyla close her eyes, buys balloons and brings her to the seaside. Ömer, who confesses that he is in love again every time, manages to win the heart of Leyla and the ice between the two melts.

Will Hakan be able to regain his power? In the end episode; Ömer is disturbed by Leyla's connection to the patient. When Ömer makes a move about the patient, the two of them fall apart. Mine and Hakan are sure that there will be no obstacle in their adoption of Zeynep, they roll up their sleeves to prepare a room. Leyla and Ömer are included in these preparations. Ömer tries to persuade Leyla to marry. Hakan loses control of the truth he learned about his hand. One mistake he makes affects his relationship with Mine. Neslihan's move upsets all the balances. 

Kasaba Doktoru Episode 29 Trailer 

Kasaba Doktoru Episode 29 Summary

Hakan, who understands the seriousness of the situation as a result of the examinations, should take a break from surgery for a while in order not to lose his hand forever. Yalçın comes to the end of his treatment in the psychiatric hospital and the court decides that he should be tried without arrest. This thought of Yalçın, who wants to establish his life as a surgeon in Uluçınar again, is significant. While Hakan is furious at being dismissed from his post and the state of his hand, he receives another blow with Yalçın's return. 

Mine, on the other hand, has to deal with the sadness of losing Zeynep alone. Realizing that Leyla's weakness for Kerem continues, Ömer is not comfortable. Nazli, on the other hand, shows interest in Berk to make up for her mistake, but Berk is confused because of what happened. Bülent's decision will be the beginning of a tough war in Uluçınar. Ömer's suspicions about Kerem are justified. Will Ömer be able to get out of this situation that puts his life at risk?

TRT 1 series 'Kasaba Doktoru (The Town Doctor)' Episode 29, produced by ARC Film and produced by Fatih Enes Ömeroğlu, will meet the audience on December 29th. Read Also All Episode of Kasaba Doktoru (The Town Doctor)

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