Episode 31 Üç Kız Kardeş (The Three Sisters): Trailer And Summary

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Üç Kız Kardeş (The Three Sisters) 31th episode trailer has been released! In the end episode; Turkan, who is unaware of the custody agreement between Mine and Somer, continues to pressure Somer not to take back the complaint. What happen in the episode on December 20th?

Adapted from İclal Aydın's novel of the same name, Üç Kız Kardeş was loved by the audience in a short time. The series, which locks the audience on the screen with its new episode every Tuesday, features actors such as İclal Aydın, Reha Özcan, Özgü Kaya, Almila Ada and Melisa Berberoğlu. The expected new episode trailer of the drama and romantic series has been released. Here is Üç Kız Kardeş 31th episode trailer and last episode summary...

Stuck Between Somer Türkan and Mine. Üç Kız Kardeş in the end episode; While Mine's imprisonment is a breath of fresh air for Türkan and Somer, Mine burns to take revenge on Türkan. Türkan's letter to the prison drives Mine crazy. In addition, Türkan learned that she will not be a mother again and was devastated, and Somer, despite knowing this, is very upset when his wife finds out.

Mine's threat will pull Somer and Türkan apart. While Türkan is being treated to become a mother, Somer goes to Sadık to give morale to his wife. Although Sadik does not give the reaction Somer expects, when he learns what his daughter is going through, he sadly hugs Somer. Serdar, who could not prove his innocence, is now over for Return. Thanks to all her efforts, Mine manages to meet with Somer, but this has caused Somer not to keep his promise to Türkan. On the other hand, Mine's threat forces Somer to make a choice.

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What happen in the end episode?

Somer accepts Mine's request to meet in order not to jeopardize Kiraz's custody. In exchange for the withdrawal of the complaint, Mine promises Somer that she will relinquish custody of the child. Somer is forced to hide this agreement from Türkan. Nesrin goes to İzmir with her daughters to protect Dönen from Fatih. She is determined to divorce Sadik. Their departure to İzmir causes Dön and Serdar to face off and the truth is revealed. Derya, on the other hand, confronts Özgür Hodja. Turkan, who is unaware of the custody agreement between Mine and Somer, continues to pressure Somer not to take back the complaint. This situation; He brings Türkan and Rüçhan face to face. On the other hand, Derya and Return make a deal with their aunt Nezahat to reconcile their parents.

Rüçhan confronts Sevilay on the pretext that Türkan and Sevilay will work together. Sevilay is confronted with Rüçhan's oppressive attitude about business, not yet knowing that Rüçhan knows the truth. There are difficult times for Özer and Sevilay. Mustafa, on the other hand, tries to improve his friendship with Derya. Türkan learns about Somer's deal with Mine. There is great tension between them. Another game of Mine disappoints Somer. Somer is determined not to leave Kiraz to Mine. This time, however, Türkan intervenes to protect Somer. This would be the beginning of a new crisis between Somer and Türkan.

Üç Kız Kardeş Episode 31 Trailer   

Üç Kız Kardeş Episode 31 Summary

Türkan cannot tell Somer that she delivered Kiraz to Mine. Somer's concern for his daughter drags Türkan to a great remorse. Nesrin and Nezahat do not leave Türkan alone in this situation. Nesrin makes peace with Türkan and supports him. Rüçhan, Somer and the lawyers learn that the police did not hand over Kiraz to Mine. While they try to find out who did this, Somer becomes suspicious of his mother. Rüçhan also begins to have doubts about Türkan. This causes a new tension between Türkan and Rüçhan. Türkan cannot confess the truth.

Mine crosses paths with Mustafa on the way to the hospital after Kiraz suddenly falls ill. Thanks to Mustafa, Somer learns that his daughter is sick and that Mine cannot take care of her child again. He wants to run to the hospital and save Kiraz, but he misses Mine again. Somer is now well acquainted with Mine. He takes action to find out where his daughter is. Nesrin talks to Fatih about her concerns about Return. On the other hand, he sees Sadik's efforts to reconcile and cannot remain indifferent to it. The return brings them together again. While the waters will calm down and reconciliation will be achieved between Sadık and Nesrin, Fatih comes to Sadık's house with a new crisis.

Sevilay and Türkan sign the employment contract despite Rüçhan's harsh conditions. Sevilay's stay for dinner at Rüçhan's house that night leaves Özer in a very difficult situation. Sevilay, like Rüçhan, shows herself by revealing her rest without revealing the truth. Türkan is cornered after Kiraz gets sick and regrets giving the child to Mine. If Somer learns that it was Türkan who delivered his daughter to Mine, he is aware that there will be a great tension and the end has come.

Kanal D's new series "Üç Kız Kardeş", produced by Süreç Film and produced by Ali Gündoğdu and İnci Gündoğdu, will be on Tuesday December 20th, at 08 P.M with 31th episode. Read Also All Episode of Üç Kız Kardeş (The Three Sisters)

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