Episode 8 Darmaduman (Smashed): Trailer And Summary

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The new 8th episode trailer of Darmaduman (Smashed) has been released. In the end episode; Derin takes a big step that will change her life, but this step brings unexpected results. What happen in the episode on November 17th?  

Darmaduman, one of the new series of FOX TV, came to the screen with its new episode last night. Starring Mert Yazıcıoğlu, Hafsanur Sancaktutan, Aslıhan Malbora and Aytaç Şaşmaz, the series attracted everyone's attention with its different story. For those who missed the new episode of Darmaduman or want to watch it again; Here is Darmaduman 8th episode one piece full viewing screen.

Darmaduman, which met with its fans on FOX screens on Saturday evenings, appeared before the audience with its new episode last night. What happened in the last episode was followed with excitement. Here are 8th episode trailer and episode summary of Darmaduman .....

episode 8 darmaduman
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Yağız receives an envelope as a surprise. When he opens the envelope, he faces the facts and seeks answers to the questions. Derin prepares to take a big step that will affect her life. But this decision will cause unexpected events. Ece is the one who rushes to help Derin in her difficult time. Evren does not like Ece's help with Derin. Yağız achieves his goal, and Ece and Evren witness it. Kerem and Derin are stunned by what they learn.

What Happened in the end Episode?

Yağız seeks answers to his questions while trying to digest the sudden facts with an envelope. Derin takes a big step that will change her life, but this step brings unexpected results. This time it is Ece who rushes to help in a difficult moment, but Evren does not like this situation. While Yağız reaches his goal, Ece and Evren witness this moment with amazement. Kerem and Derin are shocked by what they hear.

Darmaduman (Smashed) Episode 8 Trailer

"Good Luck Kerem...!"

Darmaduman (Smashed) Episode 8 Summary

Evren and Yağız find themselves in the middle of a confrontation where they are looking for answers to their questions. While Evren is getting angry, Yağız continues to drift into the unknown. Kerem, shaken by what he heard, will demand an account of it. Derin is the one who stays in between in this confrontation. While Ece bravely takes on her mistake, this situation will be instrumental in establishing new ties. It takes a step towards calming the deep environment. This step becomes the precursor to a new alliance. Harun will be stunned by an offer from an unexpected place.

Darmaduman, adapted from 'Beverly Hills 90210' by Ay Yapım Production for FOX, starts tonight. The 8th episode of which was broadcast on Thursday, December 17, are of great interest. Read Also All Episode of Darmaduman (Smashed)

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