O Kız (That Girl) Episode 14: Trailer And Summary

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The new 14th episode trailer of O Kız (That Girl) has been released! In the end episode; Sitare learns Müjgan's true identity! What happen in the episode on December 21th? 

O Kız series was a guest of the TV series lovers' homes on Kanal D screens this week, as it is on Wednesdays every week. Serial lovers who want to watch the new episode trailer of the series, has the 14th episode trailer of O Kız been released? Desiring to learn, she continues her research in the form of "Watch O Kız 14th episode trailer". Kanal D series O Kız 14th episode trailer link and details from the summary.

O Kız series, which was broadcast on Kanal D screens, was offered to watch with the last 12th episode. After the last episode, those who want to watch the scenes wondering what will happen in the new episode, has the O Girl new episode trailer been published? Here are the detail ....

o kiz episode 14
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In the end episode; Zeynep is with Doruk together with the events and this closeness gradually starts to catch everyone's eyes. Furious with jealousy, Ozan does not hesitate to use his 'business deals' against Zeynep. Sitare, on the other hand, is already aware of Ozan's feelings for Zeynep. Although he doesn't take Ozan's feelings seriously, he acts professionally as always. Here are 14th episode trailer and episode summary of O Kız ...

What happen in the end episode?

Doruk, who is afraid of going after the forbidden love he has witnessed, is determined to reveal the relationship between Sitare and Ozan to open Zeynep's eyes this time, and to show Zeynep the true face of Sitare. What will Sitare do against Doruk's move? After Doruk kissed Zeynep, they declared their feelings for each other without speaking. When Ozan came to the field of attraction, there was already an intense love electricity in the middle.

Sitare, who does not take Kadir's insistence on Melek seriously, on the other hand, gradually begins to suspect that Melek may be Müjgan. Now sure of her doubts, Sitare manages to get Melek in her palm by using the subject of Kadir. Sitare's move will put Melek more in trouble after Melek's shock when she saw Kadir.

O Kız (That Girl) Episode 14 Trailer 

O Kız (That Girl) Episode 14 Summary

Doruk, who intends to unmask Sitare, actually fell into Sitare's trap. Doruk is sure that everything is Sitare's game. His outburst to Sitare and Ozan about their distorted relationship strains the springs between the trio. Ozan declares love to Zeynep in order to completely get rid of the Doruk threat.

Although Zeynep does not feel like it with Sitare's suggestions, she forces herself to give Ozan a real chance. Melek, like Doruk's shadow, is always after her when she enters the agency completely, but Doruk does not respond to her attention.

Kanal D's new series O Kız (That Girl), produced by Content House and prepared to make a name for itself with its impressive story and rich cast, starts on Kanal D on Wednesday evening at 08 P.M!. Read Also All Episode of O Kız (That Girl)

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