Ömer (Omar) Episode 1: Trailer And Summary

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The 1st episode trailer of Ömer has been released? When will Omer series start, on what day will the first episode air?

The first trailer of Star TV's ambitious series Ömer has been released. The series, which attracts attention with its subject and cast, focuses on the seemingly impossible love story of the imam's son Ömer and Gamze. The first trailer of the Omer series, which has been watched millions of times, is awaited with great interest. So when will the Omer series start? When will the first episode of Star TV Ömer series be broadcast? The series, starring Selahattin Paşalı (Ömer) and Gökçe Bahadır (Gamze), will soon meet the audience on Star TV screens.

Star TV, which has entered the new broadcasting period like a bomb with ambitious productions, will finally connect the audience to the screen with the series "Ömer". The series has already made a lot of noise with its subject and cast. The first trailer of the Ömer series was published on social media platforms the other day. When the first episode of the series, which aroused great interest with its trailer, will be published, it was started to be investigated.

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When will Omer series start?

Ömer will appear in front of the audience with the role of Selahattin Paşalı as "Ömer" and Gökçe Bahadır as "Gamze" in the leading roles of the series. The first trailer of the series has been watched millions of times. The series managed to become one of the most talked about social media. The series, which depicts the seemingly impossible friendship and love relationship between Ömer, the son of the mosque imam, and Gamze, is awaited with great excitement. Omer Series will started on January 9th.

What is the plot story of Omer series?

The synopsis of the TV series Ömer, produced by OGM Pictures and written by Gülizar Irmak, is also very interesting. It is about the love of Gamze, who returns to the neighborhood she left after years, and Ömer, the son of the mosque teacher in the neighborhood, that they will hold on despite all the impossibilities.

Who is Omer series cast

Star TV's ambitious series Ömer attracts attention with its cast. They are: Barış Falay, Merve, Zerrin Sümer, Gülçin Kültür Şahin, Onur Bilge, Gamze Karaduman, Serpil Gül, Muharrem Türkseven and Melike Güner .

Ömer Episode 1 Trailer

Ömer Episode 1 Summary

Ömer Ademoğlu is a muezzin in the mosque where his father Reşat works as an imam. Having lost his mother recently, Ömer continues to live with his father Reşat and grandmother Nezahat, with the pain of this loss in his heart. He is the youngest of three siblings. His older sister, Nisa, whom he knew half of his mother, made a marriage that his father and brother Tahir did not want, and separated from the family, and this situation deeply hurt Ömer's soul.

Ömer finds the way to mend his soul, which has been hurt by the resentments, contradictions and losses experienced in his family, to which he is deeply attached, and finds the way to repair his soul... He continues to draw, despite his love and passion for painting since his childhood, despite his family's obstacles. But his only love will not be painting, one day he will fall in love with Gamze, a widow with children who is older than him, and they will fall in love with each other and they will have great obstacles in maintaining this love.

Selahattin Paşalı and Gökçe Bahadır's New Series Ömer broadcast date announced: Ömer Episode 1 will be released on January 9th!. Read Also All Episode of Ömer (Omar)

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