Burcu Özberk And Murat Boz Starring In The Movie Rüyanda Görürsün

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Burcu Özberk shared the trailer of the movie in her social media. Here is the First Promotion of the Movie 'Rüyanda Görürsün' Starring Burcu Özberk and Murat Boz!

Let's take a look at the details and the trailer together. Umut Açıkalın, Ferhat Ergün and Serhat Solmaz wrote the screenplay of the movie 'Rüyanda Görrsün' starring Burcu Özberk and Murat Boz. No4 undertook the production of Prime Video's highly anticipated first domestic production.

The official trailer of the movie "Rüyanda Görürsün" starring Burcu Özberk and Murta Boz, has been released. It has been announced that Amazon Original's first local film, Dreaming of You, will be released on February 3rd. The leading actress Burcu Özberk announced that they are counting the days to meet her fans with her social media post. Watch The 1st Trailer Promotion of Rüyanda Görürsün

The trailer of the movie Rüyanda Görürsün, starring Burcu Özberk and Murat Boz, was appreciated. The movie, which is stated to be written by Umut Açıkalın, Ferhat Ergün and Serhat Solmaz, managed to excite the fans of Burcu Özberk and Murat Boz.

Rüyanda Görürsün cast
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Özberk shared the trailer of the movie in her social media post and said, "Oops, the trailer has arrived. Are you ready to laugh? What about dreaming? Waiting for your comments” she added.

Rüyanda Görürsün Plot Story

While all loves start with meeting and end with meeting or breaking up, the story of Engin (Murat Boz) and Pelin (Burcu Özberk) begins with meeting. The film brings together Engin and Pelin, who do not believe in love and marriage, in a dream. Engin, a business person who values power, success and a luxurious life, believes that while getting everything he wants in life, naive, dreamy and powerful Pelin, the daughter of a middle-class family, believes that she should wait for her prince charming who will accept her as she is. 

The paths of the two cross at a party, and at the end of the night they don't remember what happened, they find themselves in a dream in which they have been married for two years. Pelin and Engin, who could not stand each other at first, try different ways to wake up from this nightmare, but they are increasingly connected to each other under the influence of their experiences. Just when their nightmares are about to turn into a family dream that they want to last forever, they wake up in their old lives as two estranged lovers. Now their fate is in their own hands as they turn their love into a dreamy story.

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