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The new 17th episode trailer of Aldatmak (Deception) has been released, In the end episode; Oylum and Tolga, who find out behind the scenes of Burcu's murder with the evidence in their hands, gain a big trump card against Yeşim. What happen in the episode on January 19th?

The first episode of "Aldatmak", which was broadcast on September 22, 2022, meets the audience on ATV screens every Thursday evening. Murat Saraçoğlu sits in the director's chair of the series, which is watched with excitement. Yildiz Tunc is the scriptwriter. The popular series of ATV screens, Deception, was not broadcast last night. The new episode trailer of the series, which created excitement with its last episode, met with the audience. Here is the new episode date and trailer...

Yeşim, who caused Burcu's death, is cornered! The series, whose new episode aired on Thursdays, surprised the audience last night. The new episode trailer has been released. Yeşim, who takes advantage of Tarık's business trip in the last episode of the series, makes a plan and meets with his friends in Antalya. She takes care of her daughter. But this keeper is not what it seems.

When the babysitter takes Tarık and Yeşim's daughters to the park, Güzide and her brother see the girl fall and take them with them. Realizing that their daughter has disappeared, Tarık and Yeşim cause a stir. On the other hand, Yeşim pushes her neighbor Burcu to death. He thinks that he is torn from the events because the event took place in the blind spot.

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Tarık and Yeşim complain about Güzide for kidnapping their daughter. He continues to research and open Oltan Behram. Oltan shows Yeşim's murder video to Tolga. Oylum, on the other hand, shows the video to Yeşim and asks her to withdraw her complaint. Here is the new episode trailer…

What happen in the end episode?

Everyone goes to the hospital after Öykü is poisoned. While Güzide, who has great affection for Öykü, wants to protect her from her unstable parents, she once again draws the anger of Tarık and Yeşim and finds herself in front of the police. When Behram comes to their aid with the story, Oylum and the whole family's appreciation causes Tolga to feel jealous. With the advice he received from Oltan, Tolga makes a bold move against Oylum. Ozan, who cannot find what he is looking for in his love life, is impressed at first sight by a woman he meets. Will Ozan's luck in love return?

The duo of Oylum and Tolga, who find out behind the scenes of Burcu's murder with the evidence in their hands, gain a big trump card against Yeşim. Tarık finds an opportunity to attack Güzide thanks to Öykü's hospitalization. Yeşim, on the other hand, will take an unexpected front as she struggles with her post-murder delusions. On the other hand, while Sezai shares the burdens of his past with Güzide; Oylum tries to predict her future with Tolga. How overpowering will their logic be for the mother and daughter, who are trying to listen to their hearts?

Aldatmak Episode 17 Trailer 

"Are you giving us a million dollars now, Dad .....?"

Aldatmak Episode 17 Summary

Tarık, who was shocked by Yeşim's statement, pursues this sudden change. As the facts that Tarık will learn bring him face to face with his family once again, he makes a separate effort to make Güzide's life more difficult. Ozan starts looking for a job again to support his family. Meanwhile, Oltan, who offers Ozan the opportunity of work and money, is different this time. Although Oltan is impressed by the girl he thinks is his lover, Ozan, who burns with the fire of revenge, has no intention of falling for Oltan this time.

Accepting Tolga's marriage proposal, Oylum is determined not to hide anything from her mother this time. Although Behram's growing closer with the family causes Oylum to get nervous, she does not allow misunderstandings to come between her and Tolga. Tarık and Yeşim's target is Güzide, who is trying to start everything over on her own feet. Tarık, who does not give up his wealth, makes an offer to Ozan and Oylum just when they need it. Although this offer seems to be a solution to their current problems, it will cause them to question their loyalty to their mother.

Aldatmak (Deception) Episode 17 will be on ATV on Thursday, January 19th at 08 P.M!. Read Also All Episode of Aldatmak (Deception)

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