Episode 3 Al Sancak (The Hunter): Trailer And Summary

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The new 3rd episode trailer of Al Sancak (The Hunter) has been released. In the end episode; Captain Ali and Claw Team will reach the information of this terrorist act with the documents they obtained in the island raid. What happen in the episode on February 2nd?

The highly anticipated Al Sancak 3rd episode is broadcast on TRT1 screens at 20:00 yesterday evening. Uğur Güneş and Gülsim Ali İlhan take the lead roles in the series, whose script was written by Mehmet Bozdağ, Atilla Engin, Mehmet Arı and Selman Kılıçaslan. Watch Al Sancak episode 3 in HD! Goosebumps operation from Claw Team! Al Sancak series was breathtaking!

Al Sancak series has started. In the highly anticipated series, the TAF creates elite teams that carry out point-and-shoot operations within the scope of the special forces in the country and abroad. Alsancak Team will do its best to eliminate the threats against Turkey. Alsancak series, starring Uğur Güneş and Gülsim Ali İlhan, the operation continues under difficult conditions, while Ali Captain comes face to face with a mysterious arms dealer named Nadia...

al sancak episode 3
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The Al Sancak series, which came to the screen last week, took their breath away with its first episode on January 19th and gave the signals that it would be a phenomenal production. Here are 3rd episode trailer and episode summary of Al Sancak ....

What happen in the end episode?

Claw Team Commander Captain Ali Banazlı encountered Nadia, who he thought had died in the operation, in the garage of his house. Nadia promised to reach the murderers of Ali's friend Attila, who was martyred; He offers to work to the Turkish State to destroy the octopus he is attached to. Will Captain Ali accept Nadia's offer?

On the other hand, Turkey faces a great terrorist threat. The octopus led by Mithat is on the eve of committing a great and bloody action. They are planning to cause great chaos in the country and in the world by destroying the Turkish Stream Pipeline with a chemical-tipped missile. Captain Ali and Claw Team will reach the information of this terrorist act with the documents they obtained in the island raid and will take action to prevent the octopus. What will be the fate of Süleyman, who was seriously injured in the operation? Captain Ali and Claw Team will manage to capture one of the most important names of the octopus.

Al Sancak Episode 3 Trailer

Al Sancak Episode 3 Summary

The missile threat continues.

With the support of Captain Ali and Nadia, the bomb disposal expert Sergeant Major Mustafa, he succeeded in eliminating the danger of a chemical bomb from exploding. However, Captain Ali does not intend to give Nadia credit for this success. On the other hand, the threat of missiles still continues and there are important decisions to be taken and risky tasks to be completed in order to eliminate this great threat. The love of Süleyman and Bahar is put to the test The relationship between Süleyman and his fiancee Bahar, who lost his leg in the previous operation, will also be subject to a big test. However, passing this exam will not be easy for Bahar. Will the team members who have managed to become Süleyman's family be able to cure the pain that the duo will suffer? New and challenging tasks await the Claw Team, which is trying to cure Süleyman.

Claw team is face to face with death.

Ali Captain and Claw Team, following Novak, who escaped from the hospital, will pursue a very difficult task. Lieutenant Aras, who passed Sacit Commander's exam, will accompany the Claw Team in this difficult task and take on a key task. This mission, which puts the Claw Team at risk, will undoubtedly be the scene of new surprises and will be completed piece by piece, almost like a puzzle. However, the brave soldiers of the team will face death for this cause. Will Ali Captain, who will unexpectedly stay in the middle of danger during this new operation, be able to get out of the hottest point of the firing line alone?

The 3rd episode of TRT 1's Al Sancak series, starring Uğur Güneş, will be released on February 3rd. Read Also All Episode of Al Sancak (The Hunter)

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