Episode 36 Üç Kız Kardeş (The Three Sisters): Trailer And Summary

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Üç Kız Kardeş (The Three Sisters) 36th episode trailer has been released! In the end episode; Türkan cannot forgive Rüçhan's willingness to turn a blind eye to the partnership, knowing Sevilay's position. What happen in the episode on January 24th?

The Üç Kız Kardeş series, broadcast on Kanal D screens, left its mark on the screens with its last episode. Will Somer find out about Türkan's partnership? Here's what will happen in the new episode... The first episode of Üç Kız Kardeş, signed by Process Film, aired on February 22, 2022, meets the audience on Kanal D screens every Tuesday evening. Nilüfer Özçelik and Sevgi Yılmaz write the script of the popular TV series, in which Eda Teksöz sits in the director's chair.

"If Somer hears, their marriage will be over.....!" The cast of the series includes successful actors such as Reha Özcan, İclal Aydın, Berker Güven, Özgü Kaya, Nazlı Senem Ünal. In the end episode of the series, Rüçhan learned about the relationship between Özer and Sevilay. Then he told Türkan to end his partnership with Sevilay.

Türkan, on the other hand, reacted to Rüçhan and stated that she would not end the partnership. The new episode trailer of the Three Sisters series has arrived. Rüçhan will realize that Türkan, who did business with Sevilay, took revenge on him. Nesrin will warn Türkan about Sevilay. Serdar, who is trying to make himself forgiven, will almost collapse in the face of the parting words of Dönus. Serdar and Mustafa will stand at the door of Dönus and Derya in a drunken state.

episode 36 uc kiz kardes
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On the other hand, Türkan and Somer, who cannot give up their love for each other despite everything, will have romantic moments when they are alone. Will Türkan tell him about his partnership with Sevilay? Here are 36th episode trailer and episode summary of Üç Kız Kardeş ....

What happen in the end episode?

Türkan cannot forgive Rüçhan's willingness to turn a blind eye to the partnership, knowing Sevilay's position. Despite Somer, she remains more determined about Sevilay. Rüçhan, on the other hand, forces Türkan to make a choice about partnership. Mine tries to improve her relationship with Somer and Rüçhan through Kiraz. With the new house she bought, she will be closer to the Korman Family.

The fact that Türkan's treatment begins to give results will be a ray of hope for Somer and Türkan to become a mother again. Rüçhan and Sevilay come face to face for the first time. Nesrin and Sadik are determined to prevent Return from becoming a donor. They decide to talk to Fatih's doctor about this issue. Fatih's daughter has already set off from Germany to Turkey. Türkan has to tell Somer that Sevilay is Mustafa's mother, their new order brings Türkan to the brink of a difficult decision. While the ice has melted between Özer and Mustafa, Özer makes a big attempt to win over his son Mustafa. When Rüçhan realizes that he cannot control Türkan regarding Sevilay, he attempts to hurt her in different ways.

Üç Kız Kardeş Episode 36 Trailer 

Üç Kız Kardeş Episode 36 Summary

While Rüçhan thinks that he has won a great victory against Türkan with his game, on the other hand, he is shaken by a dangerous surprise waiting for him. Moreover, Türkan stands upright against Rüçhan's games and signals that he will not be defeated. The arrival of Fatih's daughter from Germany creates sadness on the one hand and joy on the other. Despite her relentless illness, the young girl brought joy to the house, thanks to which the entire Kalender Family came together. However, Dönus's insistence on being a donor always leaves Nesrin and Sadık in two.

On one side are his own daughters, and on the other, an innocent young girl. Their biggest battle is now with their conscience. Türkan tries to end her partnership with Sevilay without breaking her relationship with Somer, but Somer is determined to find out who Mustafa's mother is. The gift that Fatih's daughter brings for the Return from Germany will turn into a bomb ready to explode for someone unexpected. Rüçhan's latest plan, who has sworn to defeat Türkan, will confront Türkan and Somer again, and this time the ropes will be more tense than expected.

Kanal D's new series "Üç Kız Kardeş", produced by Süreç Film and produced by Ali Gündoğdu and İnci Gündoğdu, will be on Tuesday January 24th, at 08 P.M with 36th episode. Read Also All Episode of Üç Kız Kardeş (The Three Sisters)

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